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Ways to Market Your Medical Billing Business

Updated on February 17, 2013

Getting Clients is the Toughest Part

Once you've decided that Medical Billing is the business for you, you will need to go out and get some clients. Marketing, or getting clients is the hardest part of the medical billing business. Some people try for months even years only to end up giving it all up because they were not able to sign any clients. You must be persistent and you must develop thick skin (unless you were born with it).

For some people marketing comes natural. They don't even have to think about it. They could sell an ice cube to an eskimo. But for most of us marketing is uncomfortable at best. We would rather go to the dentist for a root canal than go out to market for clients. (No offense to any dentists out there!)

Marketing doesn't have to be so painful. There are many different methods of marketing out there. You just need to pick the one, or ones that you are most comfortable with. But, if you are completely uncomfortable with marketing you will have to step a little outside of your comfort zone if you plan to succeed.

Methods of Marketing

There are many different methods of marketing. Marketing for medical billing is similar to marketing any other business. Of course you have to adapt the method to fit, but basically the methods are all similar. Some of the most common methods are:

  • Cold Calling - Personally not one of my favorites. I've had some pretty embarassing moments cold calling. But it is a viable marketing option. If I do decide to do any cold calling I try to at least bring something with me to leave so I'm not walking in empty handed. If there is a recent change in the industry I will do up a newsletter or flyer with information on the change. I give them the information free whether they even agree to speak to me. If I don't have anything like that, a small (inexpensive) dish of candy. With dollar stores today we can do up a nice little dish of candy for $2 or even less.

  • Help Wanted Ads - Many medical offices advertise for billing positions in the local classifieds. They may not be looking to outsource but if they are hiring for a medical biller then they do need to do something. Sometimes you can answer the ad and get them to consider outsourcing.

  • Online Employment Sites - Today many employers no longer use only local newspapers to advertise for employment. They use the online employment sites such as

  • Craig's List - Many people I know have used Craig's List to get clients. It's like a free online employment advertising site. I believe they both post their business as well as monitor it for medical offices seeking employees.

  • Phone Calls - This can be a bit hard since in most cases you don't know who you need to speak to but if the thought of cold calling puts you in a sweat then you may want to consider making phone calls. I would suggest writing out a script before hand to make sure you flow the best you can.

There are others, but these are just a few to get you started. Be creative. Take a marketing method and make it your own. Tweek it to fit your style and your business. Part of marketing your business is marketing yourself. Providers need to be comfortable with you in order to trust you with their billing.

Set Goals

Another important step to marketing is to set goals. Without goals you don't know what you are aiming for. You need to decide what you want to get out of your marketing and then make a plan for how you are going to get it. Most experts will say that for every 'yes' you need to get 99 'no's' so if you want to sign up 2 clients you can prepare yourself for the 198 no's.

Make sure your goals are realistic. Don't set yourself up to fail. We all want to believe that even though others struggle with marketing we are going to sail right thru. It's great to have a positive attitude. I am the king of optimism but you also need to be realistic. It's the law of statistics. You will get no's. Not all providers that you market to are going to sign up. So make sure you prepare and allow for that when setting your goals.

Don't let the no's get to you. You know before you start you are going to be told no by some (actually most) of the providers you approach. Just look at the no's as "they weren't the right one" and keep looking. You are looking for the provider that needs you, that wants you, and you're going to have to look hard.

Post your goals somewhere in sight so that you can keep your eyes on the goal. Also, write out your why's for doing this business. Are you doing this for freedom to work at home? For financial freedom? Are you looking to buy a house once you start getting an income? Whatever it is, post your motivation somewhere in sight as well. It will help you from getting discouraged.

Keep your eye on the goal!
Keep your eye on the goal!


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