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Ways to make money online in Ghana

Updated on December 19, 2012

Several blogs may have published several ways to make money from the internet in Ghana and I just though I should drop my 2 cedis.

Ghana's economy is growing and there is also a growing number of Ghanaians making money from their small businesses. The good thing is that some of them too have started looking the the web in order to make more money online. Internet businesses are on the rise and the good thing about such online income is that it's the sort of income you can make no matter where you are as long as you've got internet access. With some online business setups, you can even make money online without having to do anything else besides the initial set up. So online business can allows one to make money, even while he sleeps.

What do you spend most of your internet time doing? Do you send emails or just chat on social networks. Do you love shopping or researching for information? You can be able to tap into some internet income by providing those things people need on the world wide web.

Things Ghana has got

  • Internet service providers
  • Active web community
  • Youthful population

In order to make money online as a Ghanaian, you'd need to offer something people really want and the more you make it available to them, the more likely you'd be able to make money from it.

Several tested and trusted ways you can make money living in Ghana

1. Content publishing: This has to do with publishing content to the web. A good example is blogging and another is video publishing. When you add content to the web in form of texts, pictures and video, you can make money with it by simply selling advert space and a good example is Google adsense. Initially Google adsense used to pay by cheque but the good news now is that they pay via western union and there are a lot of people now setting up content generating websites in Ghana in order to capture the local audience and relevant advertises.

2. Freelancing: This has to do with any service you can provide from your computer in order to earn income after which you'd be paid after an agreed time period. Some of these services include article writing, web designing, logo design, programming, Customer service and so on. You can try writing for Hubpages. You can also try freelancing communities like, or You can even offer freelancing services on your website or via chat messengers.

3. Affiliate marketing: This is a sort of marketing that has to do with promoting sales. An affiliate marketer is someone that establishes a special relationship with a seller/merchant and earns a commission for every sale he refers. A good affiliate program is Amazon associates and another is iTunes. There are many affiliate programs on the web but you just have to have the ability to drive sales.

4. Selling online: This is one of the best ways to make money online as it is independent. You can create your own product and decide what price you want to sell it online. You can even sell other people's products online if you just know how to add your own profit. Lots of people now sell in Ghana using Google trader and it is basically a free website for buyers and sellers to meet. You can also sell on your website or any other third party website. People make money selling not just physical items but also virtual products which can be downloaded many times over. So whatever you have to sell, just advertise it on the web, let it get into people's eye and you are in business.

5. Online Currency Trading: This is simply buying and selling major world currencies online for profit and you can do this in Ghana by simply opening a forex trading account from any of the available online forex brokers. Currencies that are traded includes Euro, US dollar, British Pounds, Yen and others. You can make money by buying it at a low price and selling when it appreciates. You can also make money by selling from a high point in order to buy after it falls and that is called "going short". You can get a free forex account and start trading today if you want and when you are ready to earn real money, you'd just need to add real money


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