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Ways to promote your Zazzle storefront

Updated on November 5, 2011


Below I am presenting the different methods I use to get exposure to my stores. Of course, it's not about the views, but bringing people to your store(s) is vital. Zazzle doesn't promote for you, so you have to do all your own promoting. So of the methods below may work better for you while some may not as well. Regardless, it takes time to gain popularity. I opened up my first store, Patriotic Gifts N' More in 2007 and it has gained a lot of popularity and success since then. If I would of known back then what I know now, I could of earned even more money! We live and we learn of course. So again, I'd like to share this with everyone so they can have as much success as possible!

Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, etc)

The most common way is promoting through social media sites. There is a group on Facebook called "The Best of Zazzle" that you can join to promote your site. Zazzle has a Facebook where you can post your link within moderation of course. In your FB profile, include the link(s) to your Zazzle store and it would be better to add a small description about your store so people can get at least somewhat of an idea of what they are about to click. I personally, on occasion post my link to my wall only every now and then. I don't think I have to post it everyday or every other day. Besides, since the link is already posted on my FB profile. I post the link maybe about, once or twice every two weeks.

I tweet my links every so often. I don't want to come off as selling to people or "spammy". The more followers you, have the better! Be sure to have your link in your Twitter profile. You could have people you know retweet your link as well.


You don't have to be a video genius or a "tech guy" to do pull this off. Don't let the words "video editing" scare you! If you have Windows Movie Maker or any kind of simple, basic video making/editing software you can make a simple video about your Zazzle store. I've created two videos about my first store and uploaded them on Youtube. I just added music from Youtube, added a description of my store, and flashed the link a few times in the video with some animation. When you upload your video, post as many revelant tags as possible relating to your video. Once your video is published on Youtube, you could post the video on social media sites!


Emoneyspace is a website that is designed for creating sales pages and ebusiness websites. They have forum when you may post links freely but within moderation. Signing up is free and shouldn't take more than five minutes. Browze the forum and be sure to read all the TOS before you start posting. They have one forum topic, "List your website or blog". This is where you would post your link. I usually post my Zazzle links at most maybe twice a week or so. You don't want to come off to others as annoying or too repetitive. This could make the other users not bothering to click on your post.

Word of mouth

Tell your friends, family, coworkers, associates etc etc about your Zazzle store. Don't be afraid to ask them to share the link to your store with others. You could go as far as asking them for feedback!

Add the link to your signature

If you use MSN messenger or Yahoo, post the link on your status bar. A good example would be "Visit my store!: www. nameofstore .com If you use a signature like in email or use something that can post little status messages/notes, then display your link.

I've had people tell me they checked out my store from my link, so believe it can really work!

In summary

These are some ways I have used to gain exposure to my Zazzle stores. Remember, that it's not just about people viewing your store and that's it. The views are to gain exposure and interest which leads to sales. Try them one at a time or try them all at once. Some may not work as well as others, so I would recommend your experiment with them.

Remember, the ultimate goal is to make money! Keep promoting, keep creating products, keep thinking of great ideas and let all the positive energy flow through you! I wish you the best and cheers to success and wealth!

Another screenshot
Another screenshot | Source
Screen shot from my email from Zazzle showing my sales. Not photoshoped!
Screen shot from my email from Zazzle showing my sales. Not photoshoped!

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