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We Can't Find Jobs That Match Our Education

Updated on August 27, 2012

It's not just in the USA do you hear this mantra from thousands of new aspiring grads who have education, debt , yet no job in their field- it is China. Like their American counterparts, Chinese grads have to swallow pride for low paying jobs in fields requiring no college or in related fields to their education, or , if lucky, the field their education is in. The Chinese grads in China face identical situations where employers of small stores frown upon hiring a college grad because of the low wage and the likelihood they will leave sooner than later. Many grads face being employed in low skilled jobs just to make a buck. The grads actually find themselves making less than than those migrant workers who come to work in factories, a poll showed. The average factory worker earns about $345 a month, while a college grad working in a factory earned $300.

Chinese grads face the usual problems of way too many grads and few jobs and having to live with mom and dad. Part of the problem is that many Chinese firms want native English speakers because it is the international business language. In the past 10 years, Chinese universities have graduated a whopping 39 million grads accounting for about 9% of the population.

Like American grads, there is a bad underemployment problem and oddly enough, it is because the high end jobs have remained in the West, according to Chinese officials. This will remain for years. Just as it might be common for a UCLA grad to be baking bread at Whole Foods for $15 hr. until things change, so it is for many Chinese grads, making $300 a month in a factory job.


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