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Wealthy Affiliate Member's Review

Updated on June 12, 2010

Zealous Affiliate - Your First Port Of Call For Unbiased Reviews

When you're deciding to buy anything, be it a new television or a new car, you'll naturally look at some reviews to find out whether the product is as good as the sales page professes. But what do you look for in a review?

Most people will want to be sure that the review-writer has actually bought and tested the product themselves - this is why a lot of people find the reviews on Amazon helpful. Why? Because these reviewers are real people, telling it like it is. They're not affiliated with the company, so there's no reason to hold back on telling you the negative aspects to the product.

Now, with internet marketing, it's increasingly difficult to find good quality reviews because the majority of online marketing guides "reviews" are blatant sales pages. Either that or there'll be a whole list of made up testimonials. This is where Zealous Affiliate differs.

So How Can Zealous Affiliate Convince Me?

Zealous Affiliate is a business that prides itself on being able to bring you behind-the-scenes screenshots and information on the internet marketing guides you're not too sure about. Take Wealthy Affiliate for example - a lot of people would invest in the membership straight away, being convinced by the sales page. However, that minority that thinks twice are dubious thanks to past experience with money making scams.

This is exactly the person Zealous Affiliate was designed for! Whether you're uncertain whether the Wealthy Affiliate membership will be worth the monthly fee, or if you're worried that the whole site might just be a money making scam, Zealous Affiliate provides the unbiased verdict.

Wealthy Affiliate Members Review

To not disappoint those that came to this Hub in the hopes for a member's Wealthy Affiliate review, as opposed to a redirection to Zealous Affiliate, I'll give my summary of how the site soars, but also where it crashes.

So you're undecided. It's a natural response to the somewhat overwhelming amount of resources Wealthy Affiliate provides. It just seems a little too good to be true, right? With the offering of free website hosting, website creation software, niche research tools, keyword research tools, a thriving forum and a growing training centre to name a few, Wealthy Affiliate does sound incredible on paper. But do the resources live up to expectation?

Let's take the Keyword Research tools for example. Surely these are no different to the free tool provided by Google Adwords? Well you'd be half right. In terms of the "search numbers" they're identical, but the Wealthy Affiliate keyword tool does in fact differ. You see, the Adwords tool is largely based around the popularity in bids for keywords. For example, "how to make money online" is incredibly popular, and consequently has a very high starting bid per click. However, the Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool employs indices that are designed for affiliate marketers.

For example, the tool features a competition spy tool which allows you to find which other websites are using your keyword, but also to find what other keywords they're using too! This means that you can take advantage of their research without spending a dime! Another neat feature is the "Article Power" index. This displays how likely your article is to find its way to the top of Google, by taking into account the number of similar sites trying to get to that top spot.

Even just looking at the keyword tool you can start to see how well suited Wealthy Affiliate is for affiliate marketers. But if you want to go a little more in depth with your Wealthy Affiliate review, check out Zealous Affiliate's Wealthy Affiliate Review. Zealous Affiliate explores every aspect of Wealthy Affiliate that you could possibly find out about in an easy to read manner, so explore their site and discover whether The Wealthy Affiliate University is for you.


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