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Wealthy Demons?

Updated on August 23, 2010

Slamming the Wealthy

Why do some people in general and one political party in particular tend to depict the wealthy as having too much? While it is true that some people and companies “play rough” and trample others to earn what they have, most of the wealthy work hard and invest a lot to get what they have. Why then should the wealthy be demonized? If Jesus said that the “richer will be richer and the poor, poorer” why do we think that man can change that?

You may recall that while growing up we envied what the other kid had. Unfortunately, even as adults we still wonder why certain people can drive certain cars, buy certain houses, wear certain clothes and visit certain places, while the others just cannot seem to get ahead. The same envious spirit that plagued us as children has followed us into adulthood. That may be one explanation for some people’s belief that wealthy people and wealthy companies have too much. What say you?

Let us focus on wealthy companies.

Inarguably, some companies deal dirty. Many big companies force Mom and Pop out of business; pay their employees meager salaries; offer inadequate benefits such as medical insurance plans that require huge out of pocket payments; employ cheap, and in some cases child labor to produce raw materials; ship jobs overseas; and the list goes on. There are many stories of wounded people, destroyed lives, shipwrecked careers, and prison cells packed with the “once big and wealthy” to prove that dirty dealings and inhumane business practices exist.

However, there is one principle that remains true: you reap what you sow. If, on the other hand, companies are doing right and investing a lot, is it not fair that they should reap a lot of good – returns?

Let us reason for awhile. Would you agree that most companies deal more fairly than how they deal abusively? I believe so. In fact, all companies which are wealthy today had to pay some price for their success. I want to focus on what is positive.

You may agree that companies that do well spend millions on research and development. You may also agree that these wealthy companies treat their employees as people by looking out for their health, well-being, future and their families. You may also agree that these wealthy companies invest in the training and all-round growth of their employees and they equip them with the tools to do well. You may also agree that wealthy companies invest in their communities through sponsorships of many kinds. You may also agree that these wealthy companies hire more and more people as they improve the quality of their products and business booms.

Now, if you are honest enough to agree with the above statements, can you understand why wealthy companies are constantly demonized? If wealthy companies do research, invest, offer great benefits, hire 1,000's and build their communities, I believe that it is fair that these companies should reap the harvest.

Wealth companies are needed to invest in research and development that benefit all mankind. The poor cannot invest. Wealthy companies are needed to expand and improve infrastructure from which everyone benefits. The poor ones cannot do that. Wealthy companies are needed to hire 1,000’s of workers ensure that they will have a paycheck to support their families. The poor ones cannot do that. Wealthy companies are needed to invest in equipment and machinery to ensure that people of various skills and training can find jobs elsewhere. The poor ones cannot do that.

Do you get picture?

You can say with certainty that many wealthy people and companies are selfish and are only interested in what works in their best interests. However, without those who have some wealth to build and hire, what would happen to the rest of us?

Remember – you reap what you sow. If the wealthy sow wealth, it follows that they will reap more wealth. One grain of corn produces two or more ears of corn. Think about that.


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    • tsulliva profile image


      8 years ago

      You should never generalize a person, a race, a party, or a social status. We should all stand on our own merit. But what happens is there are always a few bad apples that ruin it for all of us..... for the wealthy it is the shareholders that gives themselves huge raises and trips to Hawaii and then cry bailout or reduce the pay or benefits to their employees to keep the companies afloat.


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