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Wealthy Affiliate Price Increase

Updated on September 1, 2011

Wealthy Affiliate Price Increase: Long Overdue

Well they sure waited long enough to finally increase the price. And they have announced it for months.

But there you have it, the inevitable is about to happen: Kyle and Carson from Wealthy Affiliate have finally realised they are offering way more than $39 worth of information and tools.

How Much Is The Wealthy Affiliate Price Increase?

It's not a measly $10 like the last time they increased the price.

No, they more than doubled it!

After June 7th 2010 you will be paying $97 every month for your Wealthy Affiliate membership. Which puts them in the same price range as products like Maverick Money Makers.

To put things into perspective, did you know WA charged $29 when they first started 5 years ago? An the only thing members got back then were keyword lists.

Click here to see a Wealthy Affiliate video walkthrough

Don't Want to Pay the Wealthy Affiliate Price Increase?

If you still want to lock in at the current price of $39/month, you need to join now before June 7th 2010

If you're really dedicated to changing your life for the better, you can save even more by joining for a whole year. That way you'll only pay $29/month.

The yearly subscription might seem like quite a bit of money to pay up front for some people, but look at it this way: WA is not a get rich quick scheme (these schemes don't work on the long term anyway), so chances are you'll stick around for more than a year anyway, learning, tweaking campaigns, using all those amazing WA tools,... and letting your membership pay for itself by referrering a couple of new members.

The absolute best part about joining Wealthy Affiliate University now, is that you're grandfathered in to pay the current price as long as you stay a member.

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Which is exactly why I still pay $29/month, regardles of the previous WA price increase.

Wealthy Affiliate Review Video by Travis the King of Bummarketing


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