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Web Design Job Interview

Updated on May 11, 2011

Interview Preparation

My inspiration for writing this hub has been my recent aspiration to find a new day job, obviously by now you probably know I have a deep interest in everything creative and internet based. I have my own website which I discuss events and youth interests around my home city and also a portfolio site of my work, this has allowed me to manifest my journalism skills and also my web design skills which I have academic qualifications in.

Without going into too much of my personal life I would like to mention that I know it is hard to find a job which you love, 'the dream job' which allows you your personal freedom and also exploits your fullest potential. At present I am doing an office job part-time because it took me a long time after university to follow my path of self discovery, graduating in Graphic Design I was originally a traditional artist/illustrator but also had a love for typography/print-layout but more recently have found myself learning more about website search engine optimization.

Everyone at Hubpages knows that getting your content recognized is the key to being successful on the world wide web, however to people requiring a web designer this is new territory. Therefore I believe that pursuing this field of expertise is the way forward for me and I would like to explain in this article how I am going to present myself to potential employers and also give my advice from previous interviews I have had in the past.

Behavioral Interview

It is true that you learn a lot from knock-backs at job interviews, I have been slightly unprepared in the past and turned up not knowing much what to expect. For example I went for a web design job interview where a new business had opened up and they wanted a overhaul on their original website design, they were a charity organization and promoted their events online. They had an in house studio where the web designers apparently would sometimes sleep over night to meet tight deadlines, but their was also a lounge room with a overhead projector for meetings & design briefs. Whilst the studio design manager(male) and marketing manager(female) were interviewing me they decided to pull my website up on screen over the projector, so remember to have explanations for your design methods in memory and make sure it appears correct in all browsers because they may not have seen it previously.

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Job Interview Answers

I would say Graphic Design and Web Designers know very well how to interview because their entire job is about communicating and understanding signs whether it be body language or deconstructing your portfolio. If you are going for one of the above interviews I suggest you don't limit yourself because these interviewers will be able to see straight through it and they are also looking for somebody who is innovative and who communicates well.

Having said that you may want to bare these few pointers in mind when answering their job interview questions:

  • Remember to let your communication appear flowing, but not too relaxed because you don't want your quirky side to show!
  • Don't limit your portfolio to just one area of design, many employers want you to show skills across all levels, be it Web Design, Design for Print or Animation, so just tell them what you can do!
  • Show initiative - if there is a skill you learned by yourself, something new in the field they will want to know about.

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Job Interview Tips

Above I decided to do screen-shots of where one of my hubs was included on the Hubtrail-Travel-Guide website, I was quite pleased when I saw it appearing on the front page because this was a very professional website designed by Marisa Wright. I spent around 2 days compiling the images dedicated to the beauty of Wales, United Kingdom and giving detailed descriptions of forms of entertainment whilst on holiday here.

I believe potential employers will see this as commendable because I am representing my home country and showing a passion for communication to people seeking travel directions. I do apologize in advance for the poor lighting on these photographs, I could uploaded the screen shots directly but I wanted you to view how they appear within my portfolio.

Below that screen shot I printed off a front page of Google search results where my Newport website appears in the top 4 ranking when keywords such as 'Newport Culture', 'Music Newport', and 'Ryder Cup Newport' are typed in. This allows employers to see my interview skills engage with them, because I am showing them things which they are probably already searching for such as search engine optimization which is a new study within design learning.

Interview Tips

More interview preparation could be to discuss ventures that you have taken on in your own time, this shows a passion and also that you are not just another clone with no original ideas except the things dictated to you within an institution environment. I thought it was a good idea to include a screen shot of my Newport website because it emphasizes that I also have a passion for Journalism and media, that I engage with current events. 

 On my website I have video clips that I have taken myself when out and about in the city, I have managed to capture famous actors filming scenes in the high street and also fashion shows taking place live with hair stylists and photographers.

Interview for a Job

Once again, above I have included some photos of the printouts that will be included in my portfolio, the top one was where one of my hub followers 'Dale Mazurek' included a front page full link to my Ryder Cup hub. This shows interest in current events within my home city and also that my content is related to subjects people are interested in.

The second piece I included is another screen shot of the Hubtrail-Travel-Guide website. It is important with job interview answers to include different examples of where your web-page links are on various websites, this shows you have understanding of site navigation and site maps.

Question Job Interview

Above is example of a Adobe Flash or 3-D studio mac website and these include various moving parts, however not all employers are looking for something this complicated, one of their main interview questions might be about the specific requirements and how you can meet them.  Make sure you have a variety of different styles of web design before you whip open a flashy portfolio, some examples of how to design informative and easily navigational sites are shown within this hub of mine.

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Interview Skills

If you find it more enjoyable working independently, I suggest reading up on 'successful freelancing', it requires all the same skills as studio work accept you need to have Independent time management, organizational skills, undertaking several jobs at once whilst liaising with clients and be flexible when there is competition or shortage of work about.

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Sample Interview Questions

To conclude my 'Web Design job interview tips' hub, I would like to suggest another text which you may find beneficial, this one is more tuned to the Web Design industry as a whole. You can use this advice to start up your own business as a follow on from freelancing or even use it to help gain knowledge before applying to work within a studio environment. For more information please follow the link below, and I hope this has given a little extra insight to those looking for more personal opinions on the market.

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