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How to Improve a Website's Rankings

Updated on October 22, 2011

What is the best way to get potential web traffic

Success and High Ranking

Living at a time when everybody seems to be taking their businesses online, creating some online presence for your business can seem like an uphill task, but one that is very important for the success of any online business. Thanks to cut-throat competition in the WWW, you will want your business to gain that competitive edge and remain on top of the game regardless of what your competitors are offering you. Unless you do not want to make a substantial amount of income from your online business (who doesn’t), then you might want to focus on improving the rankings of your website. How?

Relevant Content - Important

You will need to have a website that has relevant content. Whoever said content is king was right. Well written content is very important for a website to remain ahead of its competition. Not only will you be attracting regular visitors to your website, the search engines love informative content. How do you write informative content? Just find the common topics which many people are interested in within your website's niche and create good content with relevant keywords used naturally on it. While at it, ensure the content is original and updated on a regular and consistent manner. The search engine bots love fresh content, so by feeding them on a regular and consistent manner, you can rest assured that each time a keyword is searched, your website will always appear top on the list.

Without using relevant content you would not get success.

Always Remember

You don’t have to have an extravagant web design to improve your website's ranking. This is a common misconception among new webmasters. Many people believe that in order to attract the attention of the search engines and the visitors, one will need to have a website professionally designed with the latest web design tools, latest flash media etc. Contrary to popular belief though, the search engines love simplicity, and so are your target audience.

Remember the main aim of having a business website in the first place is to inform your readers of what you have on offer. You don’t really need the latest flash media to do that now do you? Keep everything simple, ensure there is a straight forward navigation line that is user-friendly and you will be good to go. Avoid flash and splash pages as most only work to distract your readers, and besides, the search engines cannot index anything that is not text-based.

Remember: Quality backlink and high rank backlink is more important to improve your site ranking.

Number of backlinks are not important but quality backlink with relevant content is more important.

Quality Backlink is more Important

While still at it, ensure there is an effective backlink strategy in place. Obtain backlinks from relevant and authoritative websites within your niche and you will be well on your way to increasing the rankings of your website.

Nice and clean web directory is very good for obtaining high quality backlink to improve site ranking. Submit your site to high page rank web link directory for directory listing. Some free web directory provides free site listing but for maintaining quality of directory, some seo web directory offers paid listing.

When it comes to Link popularity and its relevance into getting better traffic, we all know that it is a necessary thing. Link popularity is one of the ways that search engines like Google and Yahoo give your site better rankings. You can search through different sites advertising about link popularity that say they can increase it overnight with thousands of links directing to your site.

Let me tell you something, this is a bad decision to make if you are thinking about any of these services. I have experience in this field and thousands of links are not going to help your site out any!

One of the best ways to approach link popularity is to think about the relevance of your site to one you would like to link to. It is better for you to have a small amount of links to your site than having a large amount if the relevance is high! The higher the relevance, the less links you need to have to increase your popularity. Google and Yahoo do not only look at the amount of links, but the quality of links. The better quality, the better positioning and page rank. So do yourself a favor and work on getting your links on quality relevant websites and you will reap the rewards of doing this right!

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Are those real human visitors or bot?

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      RASO 6 years ago from Slovenia

      @giteshtrivedi no problem, just keep on writing them :)

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      giteshtrivedi 6 years ago from USA

      Raso, Good observation. It corrected. Thanks for mentioning. This is first hub of mine. Due to this some type of silly mistakes could be done. I tried to explain my own experience here.

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      RASO 6 years ago from Slovenia

      "Still I confued about traffic buying" one mistake there, but I find your hub useful.