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Website Idea That Will Make You Rich

Updated on August 27, 2015

What is this Website Idea?

This idea is to create a website that could give money to lot's of people, no matter what their expertise is in. Whether they're a reviewer, writer, programmer, artist, song writer, whatever they're good at, there will be something for them here.

So this website will be split into possibly 5 different sections: writing, games, art, tutorials, and other. More can be added with time but for now I'm going to cover what I have thought of so far.

So this site will pay the contributors the same way HubPages does. HubPages puts ads on your hubs and the take a small percentage of the money from the ad, while the contributor gets the rest. This Website will work the same way, only instead of making hubs, people will post stories or make games.

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Achievement System

For whatever reason, people like to collect things. It gives them a sense of accomplishment. And what gives the feeling of accomplishment more then an achievement? The website should have some kind of achievement system that would encourage people to want to come on the website more and more, and to check out other peoples profiles and interact with them rather then just spam posts on theirs. Whether this achievement system will be like Xbox's achievements and give some kind of score, PlayStation's trophies and give each achievement a rating of four different levels or something completely new, there should be some form of leveling system in place. Maybe each achievement could give a certain amount of user experience that would level up their profile after they get a certain amount. Harder achievements could be worth a lot while easier ones could be worth little.

For starters, there should be a brief tutorial on the different things on the site and by getting through the tutorial you'll be rewarded with experience and when you finish it you'll already be level 2.

With this, others will be able to tell how well a person knows the site and whether they have any...well experience with it. It will allow new comers to look for people that are a high level to go to for guidance, and it will allow more veteran type users to find new comers to help.

Writer's Page

You know those sites like Wattpad or Well these guys make so much money off of other people's stories, while the writers don't make anything. Now I myself am a writer, so I know that these people do it as a hobby, but I want to write for a living. So now I publish my books onto Amazon's kindle, however the way money there is earned is by a percentage of what someone pays for the book (and there's kindle unlimited but that doesn't give a lot of money per read).

So this site would allow writers to write their stories, and make a profit from it. The best part is, unlike kindle, there's no reason to take advantage here. People often spam Amazon's kindle with the same kind of book, just changing the words a little and it's very annoying. Here, that wouldn't really be necessary since traffic would be coming in naturally anyway. And there's no need to give up on Amazon, you can still work with them through there affiliate system (which I find better anyway). Plus you could still technically post on both the kindle and this site, however you'd have to no longer use the kdp select as they won't let your story be on another site.

Achievements for the writers section will be for writing books, giving feedback, liking stories, having a certain amount of stories read, having a story read x amount of times and for favoring stories.

Gamer's Corner

This part of the site will give programmers a chance to show off their skills and make money while doing so. Here people will post there games where they'll be able to be played by the public. Not only will this allow them to make money off of there skills, but it will also allow bigger name companies to see their work where they could have a chance of being hired. Either way they end up going, it is another thing to add to the site.

Achievements for this part of the site can be divided into two categories: official achievements, and designer achievements. Both will be shown on the users profile page, but the designer achievements will be make by the programmer who built the game. There will be a maximum of 12 per game. The official achievements will be made by the sites admin and will revolve around playing a certain amount of games, posting comments and liking them. Programmers can get achievements like having your game liked x amount of times, getting x amount of plays ect.

Artist's Wall

This is where drawers and designers will go to post their work. If they want to show off their art skills there is no better place to do it then here.

Achievements for this section will be centered around having certain amounts of likes and favorites.

Tutorials and Guides

Perhaps a person is really good at making tutorials on things but doesn't know how to make a good profit from that. Well here they post there helpful hints, tips and tricks to aid people with different things and make money from it without having to charge a dime.

Achievements here will be for getting likes and replying with more help to their feedback.


Now this is where more categories would go that probably won't get big enough to have there own major label. Things like trivia, personality quizzes and so on will go here.

Achievements will vary depending on the section but they'll be generally the same as the ones listed on the above parts.

Want to learn about some sites to help earn money online?

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