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What Are Some of the Different Types of Business Analysts?

Updated on February 27, 2013

In many companies, the role of business analyst is a very important job. It is their role to look at a very specific aspect of a business and determine if it is doing a good job meeting its goals, or if things need to be changed to better meet goals.

It can be quite a complex job, and it is really important that a business analyst has a good head on their shoulders and is very comfortable in dealing with a lot of numbers and information at the same time.

From the start, many companies have employed business analysts and have spent countless hours and dollars training them to be sure that they can take specific company information and understand how to read and analyze it properly.

Role of the Business Analyst

As time has gone on, and businesses have become much more developed, the role of the business analyst has developed and changed right along with it. Now, there are a variety of specific roles within the umbrella of business analyst in a company. Some will focus on very specialized skill sets in order to give the company exacting information and feedback on the smallest of changes in order to keep its market advantage.

One of the biggest increases in the business analyst role has been the increase of people who are being employed specifically to target software. In the digital age, software is becoming more important than ever, and the need for this type of job is really exploding around the world.

Software Analysts

Software analysts usually will have a background in computer science or computer engineering. And while some companies use these roles in a generic fashion to give an overview of software within a company or an industry, other organizations have niched down even further, training their analysts to have highly specific knowledge in just one or two software programs.

Software Business Analysts

As a logical extension to having software business analysts, many companies and firms are also hiring information technology (IT) analysts as well. These roles are ones that are going to spend more time focused on things like modeling, a skill set that is becoming highly desired in today's economy. These jobs usually require a different set of special training in order to really become skilled, and the expert IT analysts are often so desired that they can actually land jobs in many of the big consulting firms.

Then there is more of the general type of business analyst. These roles are going to really focus much more on the day to day structure and operation of the business. They will look at things like manufacturing to determine if there are any bottlenecks during the process. They will also spend time trying to figure out ways that a business can become more efficient and determine what the opportunities and costs associated with that would be.

There are quite a few desirable and available positions out there for those who are looking into a career as a business analyst. With the right skills, know how and training, it can be an excellent career path.


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