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What Are The Best Freelancing Websites for Filipinos ?

Updated on July 25, 2015

In the Beginning

A freelancer working in a park.
A freelancer working in a park. | Source

When I was starting, I really didn’t know where to work online. I have no idea what websites are offering works for freelancers or companies hiring home-based workers. But I was sure that there are many different jobs available online. I just need to research.

So, when we finally got an internet at home powered by Globe Tattoo Home Broadband, I immediately searched using Google. I remember combining different keywords (ex. online jobs, freelancer websites, etc.) so I can get better results. I also used many different search engines including Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

To my delight and happiness, I found many. You can even see a few advertisements on the sides. I checked each and have found that, in most of them, you have to sign up, set up your profile, advertise your services, and then, wait for clients or buyers to notice you. And, the worst case is, you might find yourself waiting in vain. I've tried waiting for clients in one site and until now, I've got none.

Now, you have to be very active in sending proposals or responding to prospective buyers’ inquiries because if you don’t, there are many other freelancers who are always on their guard, ready to snatch them from you. Once, I had like 3 very good offers from 3 different buyers but since I failed to respond quickly, all of them were snatched from me by another freelancer. The time difference is actually one of the problems because if it's sleeping time in the Philippines, it is working time in some parts of the world. And I don't work 24 hours so whenever a clients sends a message, I cannot immediately respond. They have to wait in the morning (Philippine time).

The Fierce Competition

A busy woman freelancer.
A busy woman freelancer. | Source

I’d say, competition is fierce among freelancers. Everyone is always in competition with another. You can even see freelancers who are lowering their pay too much despite their knowledge and expertise just so they can get clients. It’s hard. If you are doing it all by yourself, it can be very difficult, discouraging, and frustrating.

I remember signing up at,, Easyoutsource, Upwork (previously Elance-oDesk), and Guru. But I tell you, if you are a beginner, it is super hard to get accepted by clients or buyers in these websites. There are just so many freelancers from different countries. There are also many good Filipino freelancers who already established their position before you. And so, getting noticed and hired can be very difficult.

There’s too much competition. Imagine competing with so many expert foreign freelancers from around the world -- Americans, Europeans, Asian, Indians, and more. But, of course, this doesn’t apply to all jobs. There are highly technical jobs that only a few can qualify and compete like website development and design; most likely, these are the kind of jobs that always hire regular workers with clients willing to pay per hour from 5 dollars up, depending on your level of skill and expertise.

So what websites are best for Filipino Freelancers?

I personally recommend:





Here's why.

Easy to Join
Sign up via Facebook or email
Join via Facebook, Google+ or email
Easy to Get Paid
UnionBank, BDO, BPI, GCash, PayPal (2-3 business days)
PayPal (2 to 4 business days to bank)
Easy to Set-up
Profile and Jobs
Profile and Gigs
Easy to Get Clients
In just 3 to 5 days
In just 3 to 7 days
Easy to Use
Higher Rate
199 Pesos per Job
5 Dollars per Gig
Low Site Commission
10% , 15%, 20%
20% on all jobs
Safe and Secure
Information are Kept Private; Buyer Pays First Before Work
Information are Kept Private; Buyer Pays First Before Work
Easy to Send Proposals
Via “Todos” Section
Via “Buyer Requests”
Easy to Communicate
Private Message
Private Message
Operate Anonymously
Allowed to Use an Alias as Username
Allowed to Use an Alias as Username
Fast Payment Processing
Once the buyer marks the order “complete” on his or her end, with no clearance period
Once the buyer accepts the delivery but there’s a clearance period of 14 days
A woman freelancer.
A woman freelancer. | Source

In the Process

I have been a freelance writer at 199Jobs for 9 months now, and so far, I have earned a total of Php 77,000 in that span. On the other hand, I have earned a total of Php 30,000 in Fiverr. Take note, this is just a part-time job.

So don't waste time, try these two freelancing sites now and build your freelance career!

Do you think 199Jobs and Fiverr are the best freelancing websites or platforms for Philippine Freelancers?

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    • Evane profile image

      Eva 2 years ago from Philippines

      Hi there! Sure! The more the merrier as they say :)

    • grand old lady profile image

      Mona Sabalones Gonzalez 2 years ago from Philippines

      I haven't tried those sites yet, but thank you for the information. It's always nice to have options.