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What Are YOU Really Doing With Your Life?

Updated on December 7, 2011

I woke up this morning feeling excellent about the past weekend. I was at a 50th birthday party, a 20th birthday party, and an engagement/birthday get together. All went well. I enjoyed myself tremendously. When I got back from the gym, I heard a lot of news about a number of people.

1.) One person has cancer - has two small children and a wife

2.) One person missed the gym on Thursday - stuck at work. Worst work day ever!

3.) One person was mad because her son was sick and she couldn’t go to the gym

4.) One person is still in the hospital. Been there almost a month.

5.) One person just landed in the hospital. No idea what is wrong!?

6.) One person is going through such a nasty divorce that they cannot even go to work.

That is just the news from my little corner of the world in less than a half a day! Which brings me to my point….

What are you doing with YOUR life?

…are you doing what you love to do for a vocation?

…are you with the person you want to be with?

…are you living, loving, and laughing as much as you want to be?

…are you chasing the dollar just to forget about the important things in life?

The list can go on forever. The question really is, “What are you willing to do to get the life you want?”

…get a new job?

…start (and keep) exercising?

…lose weight (and keep it off)?

…get a divorce?

…get married? (equal time here!)

…get a health checkup?

Once again, the list can go on. When is the last time you actually STOPPED and took account of what you have done, where you are, and where you are headed? I listened to a Youtube video about the debt ceiling dilemma today. It was a great video (minus the expletives!). The person was upset that the government hit 14.6 trillion and they seemed surprised when it happened! Like, how did we get here?! They failed to stop and look! Good thing (for them) they weren’t doing it with their own money! (bad thing for us!)

It would be interesting to look back at your goals and dreams from when you were 20. Look at them. Ask yourself, “Have I accomplished any of them?” How far have you strayed from those childhood dreams? Are you even close?

Here are some worthwhile (in my opinion) tasks to complete:

1.) Write down your dreams from when you were younger

2.) Check all that you have accomplished.

3.) Write down all of your other accomplishments to date.

4.) Write down your new dreams in these areas:

A.) Physical

B.) Spiritual

C.) Financial

D.) Relationships

Now, looking at your new dreams, are you on the road to achieving any of these? How do you get on the right road? That was a question that I had been asking for a long time. We all try to “tweak” our lives a bit, but we always seem to get back on the same path.

Michael Gerber, a business guru, had some great advice. He said, if you are on the wrong road, just STOP going in that direction and turn in the direction you want to go. Does that sound too simple? Is it too hard? Here are some excuses:

1.) It’s too hard

2.) You don’t understand my situation

3.) I have kids

4.) The economy is bad

5.) I am in debt , cannot afford to change jobs now

6.) My kids are in college

7.) I’m too old

8.) I’m to young

9.) I have no time

10.) I’m too busy

11.) It’s too hot

12.) The dog ate my homework (could not resist that one)

What will be your excuse today? What will it take for you to get on the road you want to be on? For me, it took two strokes. I heard it said that life is too short. Well, I believe that a more appropriate saying would be, “Life is too long…to be on the wrong road”. You never know when something could come at you to stop your dreams. You can accumulate all the money in the world, but could be too sick to spend it.

What do you think?

Helen Keller said that life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all. I wish you all the best on your road. As always, you can email me at

or just make a comment. Need help? It’s only an email away.

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    • profile image

      Sue Hanna 6 years ago

      Excellent! Would love to see this posted on the "other" blog as well!