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What Are You Focusing On?

Updated on May 15, 2012

I am sure for all of the men readers, that at least once in their lives they have tried to burn something (or someone) with a magnifying glass and the sun. It is an incredible experiment. It requires you to focus the light from the sun onto an object. The minute you lose focus, it does not work. However, if you keep focus, you can do wonders. You can start a fire (for a good purpose) or just have fun.

One of the theories of the sub conscience mind is that whatever you focus on expands. This seems rather simple and most people agree with it, to an extent. Usually only on the negative. I believe that this goes hand in hand with the law of attraction.

Why only the negative??

To prove a point in my seminars, I would ask the people to participate in an experiment. I had everyone close their eyes and relax. Next, I asked them to think about getting cancer. I asked them to focus on only thoughts of having cancer and how it feels. Total focus on cancer.

This was interesting as most people could not even finish a minute of this exercise. They explained to me that they felt very uncomfortable and believed that they would get cancer if they kept this up.

Now! I said, if it is true that you will get cancer by focusing on it, does it make sense that if you focus on creating success, you will achieve success? What was interesting is that not many people believed the positive side of the equation. I believe that we are so negatively programmed that thinking on the positive is difficult for many people.

How To Tell Your Focus

There is a simple way to tell what you have been focusing on. First, check how you feel.

If you feel worried, what are you focusing on? Bills not being paid? Mortgage late? Sickness?

If you feel happy, what are you focusing on? Appreciation? Business going good?

Look around you. Do you only notice things going wrong or do you look for the positive?

You can live by one of these statements:

The worse it gets, the worse it gets....or

The better it gets, the better it gets!

It is all a matter of focus.

Have a listen to the video, I explain some other experiments I have done with focus.

How Long Do I Focus?

Focus is not a once off thing. You cannot suddenly changes your beliefs, ideas, values, or circumstances in an instant.

Thoughts will always come into your head. They will come fast and furious. The trick is to control what stays. I always said that bad things may knock at my door, but I will not allow them to stay!

Learn to control your thoughts. If you can control your thoughts, you can control your behavior, which will in turn control your results.

I like to start as early in the day as possible with my positive recordings. I listen to some positive hypnosis tapes, motivational Youtubes, and the like.

This way, my mind is already geared to the positive and it is easy to control my thoughts throughout the day. You may also want to start out with reading a positive book.

Now, some may say they are time poor. My solution is this:

1.) We all have 24 hours

2.) We choose our own behaviors

3.) Get up 15 minutes earlier and be positive!

What Next?

I hope you enjoyed this hub. What should you do next?

Choose what you want in life and focus on it. If you require any assistance, you can email me at

I also have written a book on my journey call "Money Does Grow On Trees" You can click the Buy Me Link To get the Ebook.

Buy Me

I wish for you to receive all that you desire in life. After all, you deserve it!


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