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What Are the Benefits of Being CISM Certified

Updated on May 16, 2013

In the field of Information Technology, the competition is pretty tough; therefore, IT professionals need to remain updated and skilled. Being an IT professional does not end from completing a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and other related courses. In fact, this is just the beginning of a long journey with technology. Being certified would mean advancement and a promising career ahead.

Nowadays, the need for skilled professionals in this field is increasing. Moreover, it is a globally-recognized certification, which can bring professionals in different parts of the world.

What is CISM?

CISM stands for Certified Information Security Manager and it is one of the most sought-after positions in Information Technology. Government agencies, multinational companies, and enterprises are just some of the sectors that benefit much from hiring such professional.

Responsibilities & Duties

Alongside the benefits and prestige associated with this job, greater responsibilities are given to the person.

  1. A CIS Manager is responsible in providing Information Security Management certification that is recognized by various sectors such as enterprises and multinational companies.
  2. This person needs to recognize particular issues and tailor it to the company’s practices in supporting the administration of related technologies.
  3. It is also their responsibility to carry out credibility to whatever enterprise they are working for.
  4. Showcase their commitment to integrity, compliance and security to their clients; leading to drawing and retention of customers
  5. To make sure that the company’s goals and objectives are aligned to its information security program.

How to Become CISM Certified?

The path to this journey is not an easy one. In fact, it entails a lot of sacrifices and effort to become certified. Moreover, qualifications and requirements are strictly implemented. Though the journey is tough, there is a bright future for those, who passed the certification process.

  1. The certification exam happens several times in a year. Any candidate should meet the required passing rate for the CISM examination. After passing the exam, a candidate must follow the required work experience as mandated by the Code of Professional Ethics. Otherwise, the passing score will be disregarded.
  2. After passing the certification exam, you automatically become a member of ISACA. As a member, you are expected to abide by the rules and regulations of the organization. ISACA sets the personal and professional conduct that a CISM should possess.
  3. As a CISM, you are obliged to undergo a program called Continuing Education Policy. Its goal is to ensure that CISMs possess the required knowledge and proficiency needed in the job. Currently, necessary modifications were applied in Calculation of CPE hours, Contributions to the Profession, Appeal and Reconsideration and the Exam Review and Question Development. As an effect, professionals who completed the CPE are expected to improve in what they do particularly in assessing, designing, and managing of an enterprise.
  4. After passing the certification exam, it is also important to acquire the required work experience set by the commission. A candidate should have at least five years of information security related work completed in a minimum of three analysis areas and acquired within a ten-year period.

Aside from that, there are some alternatives set: first is two-year period as CISA, CISSP, or a post-graduate degree course related to information security; second is one-year experience in general security management and information systems management, completion of a program related to information security management obtained from an accredited educational institution, possession of security certifications that are skill-based and more.

  • Now, it’s time to submit an application for CISM certification.

Benefits of Being CISM Certified

With all the requirements and qualifications, why should one go for it? What are the advantages of being a certified ISM? Being a certified ISM, you are bound to enjoy the perks, prestige and benefits associated with the job. Some of them are the following:

  1. As what most candidates desire, being a part of an elite group comes so easily. Being a CISM can put you into a position that IT professionals would want to be part of. Not all IT professionals belong to this network, so being certified is such a big recognition.
  2. As part of the CISM network, you will be recognized as an information security expert and experienced personnel with information security programs. With that, you will be looked up to by many.
  3. As a CISM, you will benefit in three important ways: delivering value to enterprises, ongoing education and career improvement.
  4. As an expert in the field, you can showcase your understanding between the connection between business goals and information security program. Moreover, you will be able to reconcile both that can drive success.

To aim for the CISM position is a tough and challenging journey. However, it is rewarding and fulfilling at the end of the day. The road may not be easy, but it is worth taking.


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