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What Are the Different Types of Hosting Available?

Updated on June 7, 2014

Different Types of Web Hosting Available

Web hosting is a service that houses, serves, and maintains the Web pages and files of your website for others to see online. You can have a website but nobody will be able to access it on the Internet if it is not hosted on a server. This is where a web hosting company and service comes in.

What are the different types of hosting available? The answer to the question is there are 4 main types of hosting. These are detailed below:

Web Hosting Is Essential to Create Your Website Live Online


Shared Hosting

It is the most popular hosting service, recommended for new websites in particular. It is also the most economical web hosting service. Usually, personal blogs, websites or small businesses online use this type of hosting.

When using shared hosting, your website is placed on a server that also hosts many other websites to share its resources. If you are starting out a personal blog or website, business blog, content-based website or an e-commerce website, shared hosting is the way to go.

If your website attracts high volume of traffic, your e-commerce website expands, or simply needs more space and specific requirements that cannot be handled by shared hosting to perform better, you can consider using dedicated hosting.

VPS Hosting

This type of hosting is recommended for more advanced users. VPS, standing for Virtual Private Server, hosting allows users to install specific packages or software not provided by shared hosting.

When using VPS hosting, your website uses a server with other websites, like shared hosting, but there are fewer websites per server.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is when you get a dedicated server, which means your website is hosted on a single web server. Your website gets access to the full server. If you have more than one website, all other websites you have can access the server.

So, basically the server is not shared with any other users. This type of hosting is used by and recommended for websites with high web traffic or specific requirements not available in a shared hosting plan.

Reseller Hosting

This particular web hosting service is designed for webmasters, or others, who want to resell their own web hosting services. A webmaster or anyone buys this hosting from a web hosting provider and then offer various different hosting services to individuals or companies.

Many webmasters or online businesses with multiple websites also use this type of hosting because it is easier to manage many websites under one control panel. As a reseller, you can re sell the server space you bought from a web hosting provider to other clients. This hosting is best suited for webmasters who have related knowledge and experience in the industry.

A Final Note

Web Hosting is the business of keeping Web pages or files for one or more websites. It is important that you choose the right hosting services based on your specific need. If you are looking for an answer to “What are the different types of hosting available?”, then these are the types of hosting available all over the world. If your website has a lot of traffic or visitors, then a dedicated server is the way to go. Your website will perform better with this type of hosting. If you do not have a high traffic of visitors to your website, then shared hosting is the best option you can consider for hosting your website online.


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