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What Are the Real Benefits of Banner Advertising?

Updated on September 16, 2010

What Are the Real Benefits of Banner Advertising?

Have you heard about banner advertising or do you know what it is? Chances are you do since so many websites today have banners on the top or sides of the pages. It can be deduce from their rich presence that their users are enjoying benefits of banner advertising If banner advertisement is not effective then websites could have stopped using them long time ago.

Several strategies can also boost the traffic for your site so it is important to gauge the benefits of banner advertising in comparison to other options.To name a few, exchange of links among websites and posting articles on different directories with the site’s URL are commonly used. Depending on the arrangement, you might end up paying monthly for these methods or you can use it for free.

Is price your only concern? How certain is it that paying more for ads will secure more visitors?What could be the benefits of banner advertising that you must know?The following are practical advice to aide you on deciding about this.

As a head start, low cost is among the benefits of banner advertising where you can choose flat rate or pay per click.Flat rate is very affordable which allows your banner shown on several sites while pay per click doesn’t even cost a penny for each visitor that clicks the banner.

Most advertising options will charge higher monthly rent compared to banner adverts and it is better to use banners for pay per click for they have appealing graphics. Benefits of banner advertising over other methods evidently comprise of low cost but high quality advertising formula.

Another of the benefits of banner advertising is that you can find targeted audiences for your banner ads. There is a lesser chance that you can filter the audience if you use link exchange or article submission on websites. Banner marketing gives you the option as to what kind of websites you will display the ads.

It will drive high potential buyers to your page. Knowing that these sites are frequented by people who are currently patronizing a related product or service, then they would probably buy from your site too. Being able to place your ad on similar sites is one of the benefits of banner advertising.

There are many reasons why so many websites and business use banner advertising, and you would do well to get familiar with the benefits of banner advertising for yourself. These ads are affordable and effective and can greatly increase web traffic and business overall.


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