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What Can a Auto Responder do for Your Business

Updated on April 24, 2012

When you are offering a product or service for your business, and someone comes to opt in to that service you need to find a way to contact them. It would be tedious, and mind numbing to personally respond to every email sitting at your desk. One of the best ways to add a personal touch and still send responses to the client is through the use of an auto responder.

When someone signs up for a subscription, newsletter, or a free piece of software on your site they opt in with an email address. This is the signal to the auto responder that someone just put in their information. It then takes the information the customer put in and sends them the designated response that you have setup.

One of the great features of auto responders is that you can design them to use a double opt in feature. This is where a subscriber is sent an email containing a confirmation link. These confirmation emails are then responded to by the visitor, and they are able to access the material. This can significantly increase your response rate because they are not opting in with a fake email address.

Auto responders add that personal touch to blogs and websites where you need to capture that information from your visitors. These auto responders can be setup from third party software, hosting providers, and other services.

Now even on newer platforms of social marketing businesses and individuals have the necessary tools to send out responses to a number of inquiries on face book, twitter, and other social book marking sites.

Some of the wonderful features of auto responders is that you can set them up to send out a series of emails to your opt in subscribers several days apart. These emails can inform the person that requested more information about additional benefits and features of your product or service. You can set up multiple auto responders to find out which ones will help you convert the best. Then you can modify your squeeze pages to use the ones that are performing better. Without auto responders available to business, they would be losing a ton of opportunities.

There are many businesses that have been growing and saving time and money is essential. However, they do not want to lose the personal touch of being able to respond promptly to all their customer inquiries. This has led to an explosion in auto responder use by larger corporations.

It seems like every aspect of the internet is using auto responders these days. That even includes search engines, blogs, e commerce site, and even the big box retailers sites all use some form of auto responder communication. Without it, people would be lost.

One of the great things about having so many auto responders in the world is that it makes it extremely easy for anyone to setup. This is a great way to have an online customer service department for your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Promotional information can be setup and sent out because it is available to anyone.

So, as a business getting information out about your product as quickly as possible is a great way to get more perspective buyers. So, use the technology already in place to help with your marketing efforts. Check with your hosting company if auto responders are available to you.


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