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What Changes Impact Your Auto Insurance Rate?

Updated on January 29, 2012

There are eight major things that will impact your auto insurance rate. The rates paid will vary with insurance company but with all companies the following will impact (generally, for the better) your auto insurance.

  • Marriage-being married makes you safer when you drive. Statistics show this, married people tend to have fewer accidents. If you are single and get married, inform your insurance provider, it might prove beneficial.
  • Reduce your commuting distance to your job and the less miles you drive yearly, the lower your rate will be. If you use your car for business (real estate sales) you should also get commercial coverage to protect you.
  • Live in small towns. It is true, living in Healdsburg (10,000) is a great risk reducer when compared to living in San Francisco (800,000). You are much less likely to get into an accident. Local weather also makes a difference to insurance rates. The more extreme and frequent, the auto rate may be higher.
  • Try to avoid sport cars because stats show they are more costly to repair, more frequently in accidents and stolen. However, many other non-sport cars also have high premiums because they are frequently stolen. Try to get a car with anti-theft, airbags and anti-lock brakes for reduced rates.
  • Drive the car less. If you drive less (share rides to work) your risk drops, your rate drops.
  • Be happy about being 25 yrs. or 50 yrs. old or more. If you are turning 25, your insurance rate should drop. At 50+, many companies will reduce the rates especially if you have not had a ticket since age 25 or have taken a defensive driving course.
  • Credit ratings impact everything nowadays. Employers look at them to see what kind of person you are and insurance will increase the rates when there is a poor credit score (under 600) even if your driving record deserves an Oscar.
  • Stay with the same insurance company for years for the 4-5% less loyalty rate many companies give you.


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