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What Do We Have Time For?

Updated on October 29, 2012

Overcoming Time Poorness!

What does it mean to be "time poor"? I saw a young person (that's anyone under 50!) the other day at the coffee shop. She was running around like a bird on crack. I said, slow down, young person!

About an hour later, i was still in the shop and she came back to speak with me. She asked me what I did and we started a unique conversation. She stated the reason she came back to speak with me was that, I told her to "slow down". It made her realize that she was time poor and working too much.

Sorry to say, we all have 24 hours in a day. We cannot extend this nor can we beg for more. What we can do is be more effective with what we do within the 24 hours.

Another wonderfuly disempowering statement people say is , "I don't have time for that!". This goes hand in hand with being time poor. What, then, do you have time for? It's amazing that the same people that use this statement plant their butts in the sofa every Thursday evening to watch American Idol or some other silly show on the boob tube!

I've heard it said, life is a series of priority choices. What is your priority?

Here is a simple, 7 step process to cure the disease of time poorness:

1.) Admit you want to change

Notice I did not say you NEED to change. People do not need anything. When you repeat that you need to do anything, subconsciously, your brain keeps you in a state of need. So, you will never accomplish anything. Wanting to change brings you into a positive state of readiness.

2.) Track what you do with your time for 30 days.

Keep this time to 15 minute intervals. Yes! Keep track of everything. Do not skip anything and do not cheat as you will only cheat yourself in the end. You will be shocked to find out exactly how much time you spend on Facebook! Once you have your log, you can see where you waste time and cut out the time wasters.

3.) Make a list of what is important to you.

This is always fun. Be HONEST. Do not BS your list. I have so many people tell me, time, blah blah! Do not be so superficial. I will not judge your list. If taking a 20 minute nap every day is important to you, the put it down! If taking 3 weeks vacation is important, put it down even if right now you only get 2 weeks. You may discover you should change jobs to get what you want!

4.) Map out your ideal day

What would you like to see happen on a daily basis? Too often, we are like ships without a rudder. We just float along in life being tossed to and fro by the waves of life. The waves are our bosses, families, friends, and of course, those dreaded circumstances! Decide that YOU will decide what happens in your day.

5.) Compare your ideal day with what you do now

How does this look? Is your actual day anywhere near your ideal day? Are you taking time for:
A massage?
Your family
Your friends

6.) Cut things out

Make a list of all of your time wasters and if you see yourself doing any of these, STOP right away. Become aware of what you are actually doing. If you are spending time on facebook or any other activity for fun or profit, just limit yourself to a set time. Letting go of bad habits takes time. I have learned to make all of my decisions for the day in the beginning of the day. Then prioritize your day and just check the list as you go. You will find that doing one thing at a time without distraction will make you more efficient and you will gain time!

7. ) Start visualizing the adjustments and living

Take time at night before you sleep to visualize the next day. See yourself accomplishing all of your tasks in an easy and effective way. Feel how it will feel when you glide effortlessly through your day. Your life should not be a constant struggle to get things "done", rather you should enjoy your tasks and look forward to all that life brings. Don't be exhausted at the end of the day. Be happy and full of joy over your accomplishments for the day.

Interestingly, I had started this article over a week ago. I am now finishing it on a plane from Australia to the USA. Remember the young person at the beginning? Well, I never did hear from her. So, in over a week, she could not find 60 seconds to email me and learn how to start her plan B. Her plan B being the plan that will free her up from the constant struggle of time poorness.

How about you? Are you really living like you want to? Is every day just a constant struggle on catching up, not falling behind, or just plain chasing your tail? Do you want to change? Take 60 seconds and put your email in the comments. No , it is not and optin where you will get annoying emails. I will send you one email with a proposed plan B. if you do not like it, hit DELETE. Otherwise, email back.

Here's to living the life you've always dreamed of!


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