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What Does a Club Promoter Do?

Updated on May 8, 2013

Club Promoter Girls

The receipt that makes a successful nightclub is a complex one- but the most important ingredient, by far, is people.

Contrary to what many people believe, the product that nightclubs offer is not alcohol- It is a social experience. The most important component part of a social experience is, of course, people.

And people is what club promoters specialize in.

Club Promoters don’t worry about hiring the bartenders, they don’t worry about checking to make sure there is enough peppermint schnapps in stock (kidding- who drinks that stuff???) and they don’t worry about paying the rent for the venue. Club promoters worry about one thing- and one thing only- bringing people to the club.

And the successful ones get paid very well to do it.

What Types of Club Promoters Are There?

Glad that you asked. There are three basic types of club promoters.

1) Image Club Promoters

  • Focus on bringing models to elite nightclubs
  • get paid $750 to $1,500
  • Only need to bring 10 to 15 models
  • Host their group at a VIP table and party for free
  • Usually only found in big cities with great nightlife – NYC, Miami, LA, Vegas

2) Filler Promoters

  • Focus on bringing 15-25 attractive girls (not models) and limited guys to a club
  • Get paid $400 to $800
  • Host their group at a VIP table and party for free
  • Can be focused on bringing people of a certain image (i.e. rock and roll people, hipsters, etc.)

3) Mass Promoters

  • Focuses on bringing in as many bodies as they can! 50, 60, 80, 100 the more the better
  • Usually paid per head (ranges from $5 per head up to as high as $20 per head)
  • Work a larger clubs that have a high capacity and charge a cover

How do Club Promoters Get Paid?

Club promoters get paid in three ways.

1) A fee for bringing in people - This can either be a set amount (more typical for image or filler promoters) or per head (more typical for mass promoters)

2) Commissions on bottle sales – Bottle clients in big cities can spend thousands in a night on champagne, vodka and other fun stuff. If you bring them to the club under your name, you can get a commission which ranges from 10% to 30%- so on a $2,000 dollar table (not uncommon at an elite nightclub) a promoter might expect a commission of $200 to $600.

3) Percentage of bar sales - Sometimes promoters are able to negotiate to receive a percentage of the bar sales this is typically around 5 to 10%

Why Do People Become Club Promoters?

People become club promoters because it is a very fun job with lots of perks- and if you are successful at it, you can make a lot of money. But make no mistake, club promotion is very competitive. The number of clubbers is finite, and the number of would be promoters seemingly endless. You will need every advantage that you can get to make any money at club promotion. That being said, here are some of the perks that you can expect to receive.

  • Access to the best parties in your city
  • Free alcohol for you and your friends
  • Meet tons of girls (or boys, if that’s your thing) to date
  • Make hundreds of fun, cool, new friends
  • Gain high social value

How to Become a Club Promoter

Sounds great right? Well, if you work hard at it and become successful, it can be the easiest and most fun job around (once you are established). Most people get their start in club promotion by working as a sub promoter – which you can read about here: How to become a club promoter. For other tips on becoming a club promoter, or just bringing your promotion business to the next level, check out this website which has a ton of information for both current and aspiring club promoters. Night Adventures – The Online Community for Club Promoters


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      peachy 4 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      gosh! i didn't know there is such a job. Interesting information