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What Enhances The Beauty Of Your Product?

Updated on December 13, 2014

When we are talking about e-commerce, one thing which is true is that the perceived value of your product is often judged by the quality and neatness of the product photograph. Presenting your product before the customers with high quality images can prove to be difference maker between no sale and a good one.

So the impact your product makes in the market depends on how gorgeous the photograph of your product looks. Sharpness, contrast and quality photographs is your way to an effective e-commerce. Here are some tips on taking some quality pictures of your product.

1- Camera

Using a camera with good resolution is important. Fortunately, good quality cameras are easily affordable now a days. The modern digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) model proves remarkable for this purpose. Nikon D7000 is up to the mark in terms of its performance vs. price trade off. And don't forget to choose a camera that can capture video, and investment in decent lenses would be wise. A 50mm lens which can accommodate mid-range and portrait work, would be good for the purpose. A 105mm lens, though a bit expensive, but does great for close-up work and jewelry product photography.

Many would think that it's the camera which takes a good picture but in reality, camera is just one factor contributing to the beauty of a photograph. A photograph is made up of bunch of factors which includes proper lighting, styling, exposure and post processing decisions.

A Nikon D7000 Shot
A Nikon D7000 Shot

2- Only Camera?

Technology has grown at a fast rate. Technology has given us a little gift, Smartphones. They come at affordable prices with great qualities and functions. Smartphones are also doing great in the field of photography. They are no less than a digital camera. A large number of smartphones like HTC Desire Eye with 13 mp camera, Samsung Galaxy S5 with 16 mp camera, iPhone 5 & 6 with 8 mp camera etc. are available in the market which are capable of taking awesome shots of your products. So, you don't need a camera if you owe a smartphone.

An iPhone 6 Shot
An iPhone 6 Shot

3- Lights

Flashes and glares are often the biggest culprits in the world of pictures, all of which are caused due to uneven light. Natural light is sufficient for taking awesome shots. A room with a window next to the wall is great and bigger the window, more the light gets in. But the Sun is a fickle.

An Elinchrom D-Lite 4 Kit comprising of two lights, tripods, and attachable diffuser squares is what you need. While there are many lighting kits available, the most important thing for your setup is to get lights that operate in continuous mode as this allows using them for video also.

An Elinchrome D-Lite 4 Kit
An Elinchrome D-Lite 4 Kit

4- Tripod

You will need to take long exposures and holding your camera in the hands will give blurry images that shoppers will not like. So, buy a tripod which are available at cheap prices and you will be good.

Set your camera to a very small aperture which will give you the most depth of field, your camera is capable of. The width of the depth of field defines the area of sharp focus. And to get to that you need to get the largest f/stop number your camera can have. But at the same time use slower shutter speed to let in less light.

5- Photo Setup

Use a continuous background to get attractive photos. White does best for the background for most of the products. Roll the craft paper down a plane surface and clamp one end of the background sheet to something a few feet above the surface. This creates a good ramp which serves as a background and has good light reflecting properties.

If you want to take the shots in natural light, then place the setup near a big window to have adequate light. Otherwise, you can also take photographs in a dark room using photo lights. It would be wise to invest in photo lights. After all, light will show every feature and creativity of your product.

6- Avoid Shadows

Shadows of any object falling on your product will dull it's appearance in the photograph. Hence, take care the shadows of anything while taking a shot.

Turn off all the lights except the photo lights and put them on the same side of the object as the camera.

7- Have Your Item Fill The Frame

A quality photograph shows shows all the features of the subject which are possible to be seen with a given set of photography conditions. The closer the object to the camera, the more visible are the details of the product. It is not suggested to take a zoomed photograph as it will decrease the resolution of the picture, so try that your item fills the frame. Cropping the image after you’ve already taken it is one way of doing this, but if you can zoom in or out to achieve this with the original photo… even better.

8- Photographs From Different Angles

Dealing with some items, one angle of a shot is not good enough to show all the details and creativity done on the product. Hence, to show the value of the product to the customers, it gets necessary to show photos from different angles. For some commodities like shoes, providing a top view of the product will be good for business. More the angles you provide, more will the buyers know about your product.

9- Neat And Clean

Any kind of dirt on either the product or the lens or even the fingerprints will dull the appearance of your product in the photograph. So, don't forget to wipe them clean before shooting or otherwise you will get poor and amateur results.

So, it would be a wise decision to buy some microfiber rags, wipe everything clean including the product and then take the photographs.

10- No Photoshop

Cropping the size of the picture and adding a little brightness to the image is one thing but applying those advanced tricks like hiding any scratch etc. will make a bad impression on the buyers. They trust you on showing the actual product so show them the actual one.

So here were some good tips you can apply to your photography and it's a sure thing, you won't get disappointed.


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