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What Happens When You Like on Facebook or +1 on Google?

Updated on November 26, 2011

It is really social advertising, that is, word of mouth from one friend or another and so on. That is what "Like" or +1 is all about on Facebook or Google. So you see something you like, clickthe Like button. If thousands also "Like" it, a company can they buy ads from FB and then target those who "liked" it before for direct advertising. FB has over 800 million active users and each user, on average, has 130 friends. One can quickly see how "like" can be a super way to advertise products. FB earns a whopping $4.3 billion from such revenue sources.

Google's +1 button is similar to FB's Like. When a user likes something, the +1 button will use the user's friends from the Google+ social network and any contacts in Gmail accounts who may or may not be "friends". Yet, if the person, like myself, has neither Google+ nor Gmail, very little seems to happen.


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