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What Is Affiliate Marketing Awesome Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Strategies Revealed

Updated on January 11, 2011

The Internet Killed the Cubicle Star

Ladies and Gentlemen! Thanks for clicking on that link and coming to this page. Let me tell you straight up that you are about to change your life for the better.

Once you learn about this relatively closely guarded secret that is taking the Internet by storm, you will be in a position to fully appreciate the future.

Many of you are sitting in your office cubicles reading this article, keeping an eye out for a surly boss or coworker and hoping that they won’t catch you “goofing off.”

Well let me let you in on a little secret. The greatest gift of the internet is one that has not yet been realized.

The greatest gift is yet to come but it is slowly building and developing. It is a promised day when we will be free of the burden of the brick and mortar job.

A day will come when those that choose to work in the information industry will either be information freelancers or “Infopreneurs.”

This will guarantee total work freedom and just like what the cell phone did to the landline phone, it will release us from the bondage of having to “be there” to get the job done.

And one of the ways to secure your own freedom is to learn the ropes as soon as possible.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

If you like to learn new things all the time and are constantly on the look-out for new and innovative ways to make a little money, then affiliate marketing is one of the few ways that you can really actually make considerable money online even today.

Affiliate marketing is the art and science of promoting products that can be sold online and receiving a commission every time someone buys them.

If you have ever read a review of an Amazon product, for example, and then proceeded to click on the helpful link on the side of the page and then bought the product from, you have made some savvy affiliate marketer a little bit of commission.

Now, think about all the different people that have done and will do the same thing and think about how much commission can possibly build up.

Well, sites such as Amazon offer an average of 5%-7% commission on products sold through affiliate marketers.

In order to make enough money to be able to retire for good (that is what we are talking about here, right?), you would have to sell a lot of Stephen King novels.

So what is another great and faster way to make large commissions?

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Strategies

The answer is Clickbank Affiliate Marketing. You see, savvy marketers and teachers who are everyday folks either don’t have the clout to get a publisher to produce their books, or simply refuse to split a commission with a big name publisher, so they self-publish.

People publish eBooks and software on a variety of subjects such as Business, Software, Gardening, Parenting and Pets on Clickbank and you, as an affiliate can promote them.

But here is the best part; the commissions can be as high as 70%-90% on some Clickbank products.

Some Basic Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Strategies

  1. Sign up for
  2. Go to the Clickbank Marketplace and Pick a product that you are interested in, remember there are many different categories.
  3. Check out the "stats" that are listed below the name of each product.
  4. Create a free blog on blogger or wordpress and begin to write articles about your chosen product. The more articles you write, the higher your chance to sell.
  5. Promote those articles by building links one by one or by writing articles for article directories
  6. Wait for a couple of months for Google to rank your articles and then you will see a small trickle of traffic.
  7. If you have a few thousand articles, you might make a little gas money now and again.

Sound Good? NO??? I Thought So!

OK! How about this strategy, then?

  1. Sign up for
  2. Go to the Clickbank Marketplace and Pick a product that you are interested in, remember there are many different categories.
  3. Go to AutoBlog Samurai and download the software.
  4. Create dozens of highly targeted niche blogs on autopilot. (Remember the niches are simply the products that you picked in step 2)
  5. Let the software do its job while you study and pick new niches to exploit by reading the news and picking your favorite trends.
  6. Rinse and Repeat! Make a lot of money in a few days as opposed to a little cash in a few months.
  7. Use the power of automation to your advantage. Could NOT be simpler.

This is how the big boys do it and they do it sitting in their living rooms. They have Porches in their garage and they fly to Aspen for the bracing weather while you slave away in your tiny little cubicle. One life to live, right? There cannot be a better reason to check this out. This is the KEY to your freedom.


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    • htodd profile image


      7 years ago from United States

      Clickbank is great but I have not made a single dime of it!


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