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What Is Internet Marketing Advertising?

Updated on October 19, 2015
Always remember..
Always remember..

Internet Marketing Advertising

The term “ Internet marketing advertising “, means a unified research process and strategy creation of Internet performance in relation to the desired goals. Good online strategy appearances can give superior results compared to the budget spent and can be significantly more effective than traditional forms of marketing. Internet marketing is also called online marketing, so what exactly is it all about?

Internet marketing (online) is advertising while using the web and email and pushing marketing efforts to lead to more sales via e - commerce.

Internet marketing advertising is usually used with traditional types of advertising, such as radio, TV, newspapers and magazines.

Internet marketing can be divided in 3 sections:

a) Web marketing – for promoting and informing, e – commerce web sites, SEO, etc.

b) E – mail marketing – advertising via e – mail massages

c) Social media marketing – this section collide both advertising and promotion via social platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

What makes the synergistic effect of a campaign on the Internet is the integration of all forms of online advertising in a comprehensive strategy of approach that will reach the target group, regardless of where they spend their time on the Internet. Integrated online strategy involves a combination of performance, use of social networks, Google services and Newsletter tools into a single measure that corresponds to the behavior of the target group, to which the first initial investigation goes. After researching the target groups, approaches to determining their needs and creating the strategy at which they will not be “attacked“ with advertising, but instead will first give useful information and interesting facts that will help them to choose the service, product, idea or something else that you are offering to them, current and potential customers, so they will engage with you and become loyal to your service.

Advertising on the Internet is a set of strategies and techniques that use the Internet as a channel for business communications to support achieving the general marketing objectives of the organization or company. Advertising on the Internet uses the principles offered by direct marketing that relies on the growth and development of telecommunications and information technology. Internet advertising, is actually interactive direct marketing. This type of marketing includes both creative and technical aspects of the Internet, including design, development, advertising and marketing in the conventional sense of the word. Deep and accurate market fragmentation that allows Internet advertising, and whose outcome is "one man - one segment “ , allows the transition from mass to micro marketing.

Now we have cleared all of that up I will present you some of the most popular ways of advertising on Internet.

Thumbs up for Facebook!
Thumbs up for Facebook!

Why And How You Can Use Facebook

Facebook is a social network that was formed in 2004 with the idea that the whole world is open and accessible.Thanks to this "invention“ XXI century, people can be in constant touch with their family and friends, up to date with current events in the world, can express their opinions and feelings, share interesting content as well as to keep abreast with the activities of the favorite brands whose products and services are used or would like to use.

This data shows exactly how popular Facebook is and how effective it can be to market your business onlin:

- 968 million people every day actively used Facebook;

- 844 million people every day actively used Facebook on a mobile device;

- 1:49 billion people per month actively use Facebook;

- 1.31 billion people per month actively used Facebook on a mobile device.

Advertising on Facebook

As Facebook has become the most popular and most used social network, so it became an indispensable part of Internet Marketing in the are of many business and companies. This is a platform where people spend most of their time in an environment that is familiar and in which they feel comfortable and safe. With a well-managed marketing campaign, users will be linked to a specific brand, and along the way they will have fun.

The advantages of Facebook advertising:

  • The existence of two-way communication - In contrast to all other media advertising on the internet, Facebook will receive feedback in the form of like, unlike, comments, questions, or sharing content from the site.
  • Finding the most relevant target population - With the help of Facebook ads, if the campaign for advertising is run in a professional manner, it will reach closely targeted users, and they in return receive information about the product / service.
  • To collect information in various forms - This refers to the text, photographs, embeded links, videos.
  • Increase brand awareness - When a brand is new on the market, with well-chosen tools for advertising on Facebook, it quickly leads to a large number of people familiar with the brand and will target the population of potential consumers.
  • Creating a loyal customer relationship - a step that follows if the campaign on Facebook is successfully managed, so that customers who were attracted here are still kept in. With successful construction we get a loyal customer relationship and customers that will always choose the brand that is well known for them and also trusted.

Some More Great Ideas To Promote Your Business On Facebook

Community Management And Facebook Ads

Main advantages of Facebook advertising is reflected in the possibility of quick and easy transfer of messages to target audience, ability to accurately target groups by geographic location, demographic information and interests, possibilities of determining the frequency of displaying these messages and traceability detailed statistics on the number of users reached by, prices clicks and campaign performance generally.

Facebook ads can be displayed on the home page as Sponsored Posts or on the right in the news feed in a column, one below the other. Clicking on them, the user goes to the brand's Facebook page or a site. A special synergy, good ad copy, quality sites with good content will get you get the desired result. Everyone will click on the ad that stands for something and if the page to which the ad links provide specific information and some more interesting content related to the brand, the user will be happy to spend some time looking at the page and even if your services are not currently required, theywill surely remember you the next time they need the product or service you offer.


Google Adwords - The Mack Daddy Of Pay Per Click Ads

Google ads (Google AdWords) is the best and most widely used platform for online advertising, which was launched by Google back in 2000. On Google, each month, 12 billion searches are carried out and using Google ads can help you to occupy the best positions on Google search and reach out to potential clients. Of course, ads are not displayed for all queries on Google, but only those that are relevant and that affect your business.

Google advertising – advantages.

Advertising on Google has a number of advantages, let's look at some of the most important:

  • Measurable - among users who practice traditional marketing there's an old adage that says: "Half a penny I spend on marketing is thrown money”, the problem is I do not know which half.“ With Google advertising is a matter of significant change, since you can monitor virtually all aspects, everything you can think of can be measured
  • Fast results - Your ads will start running soon after the launch of the campaign
  • Pay per click - pay only when a user clicks on the ad and visits your site
  • Precise targeting - Using Google advertising, you can choose to whom, when and where to show your ads
  • Timeliness - your ads are shown to users at a time when they are looking for your product or service
  • Budget Control - At any time, increase, decrease or pause spending budget marked for ads.

Google ads - How Do They Work?

Google Ads work (in most cases) as well as Pay Per Click (PPC) system. What does PPC mean in practice? This means that you, as an advertiser are charged only when someone clicks on your ad and visits your website. And because the ads are displayed only to the target users (who perform search on the Internet relevant to your offer), it is clear that in the Google AdWords platform there is no wastage of money. Because of this, AdWords has the highest ROI (return on investment) of all platforms for advertising, not just on the internet but also in the traditional methods of advertising. I can say confidently say that Google ads are the most powerful marketing tool available today!

In addition to taking the top position in search, Google ads will display your visual ads (banner that is created for your wishes and interests) in the Google multimedia network (GDN). GDN includes over 2 million web sites worldwide (65% of the 200 most popular websites in the world), including YouTube, Blogger and Gmail, suffice it to say that GDN reaches 90% of all Internet users and you will grasp the potential of this network.

It's Long But This Tutorial Is Great To Get You Going

Methods of Advertising

Which Do You Prefer?

See results


So to close this off, just remember that when it comes to advertising online, your efforts need to be:

  1. concentrated
  2. consistent
  3. creative

Think about this when you are using either of the methods I have gone through, decide what is going to be easier for you and what will work best for your business and budget. If you want something easier, then Facebook is probably your best option. If you want complete control and advanced options of advertising at your fingertips, then Google may be the way to go.

Happy marketing!


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