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Mobile Cell Phone Marketing Is Rewriting The Way You Grow Your Business

Updated on April 20, 2011

Mobile Cell Phone Marketing On The Rise

Mobile Cell Phone Marketing is rewriting the way we are marketing today. We are busy marketing and loosing ground and guess what ? The businesses and affiliates that are marketing to cell phones is smashing our business.

This is like the good ole Googles days when people were making thousands and millions with simple seo and ppc. Then Google got a bit more tricky and we've been struggling to stay ahead every since.

There's a new kid on the block and he's called Mobile Marketing! Marketing just got leveled. The small affiliates and brick and mortar business can compete with huge companies that you see in your cell phone today!

Why Mobile Cell Phone Marketing?

  • More than 80% research online before going to local businesses.
  • More than half of the cell phone users have connection to the Internet.
  • Almost over 60 million purchase apps for their phones.
  • Trillions take their cell phones where ever they go.
  • Over 280 million is spent on apps with 70% going to developers in Dec,2010.

The ppc(pay per click) with Mobile marketing is only a fraction of the cost Google or Yahoo charges. You can pay a little as five cents a click and make thousands quicker.

The sky is the limit if marketing apps, ring-tones,music,or anything you want your target market to know. Not to mention promoting your brand, services, and products to billions.

Marketers are targeting cell phones , iPads, and computers with text, pictures,polls, coupons, banners,and simple forms to fill out.

You can now reach huge audiences just like the Super Bowl! Now that's incredible. There should be anything keeping you back from learning how you can tap into the mobile marketing way of marketing.

Before you decide to pay over $3000 to start a campaign, learn some simple basics and do some research. It is not expensive to advertise and is not difficult

There is a young man that was educating many the past year about mobile cell phone marketing and he never even finished college. His business is Mobile Monopoly and his earnings are off the chart. He has an cheap course that will get a entrepreneur off and running in 24 hours.

I'm sure anyone investing in this new era of marketing is going to do very well. The time to be an affiliate has never been better. There are so many way's to make money with mobile cell phone marketing that you will find out about. Enjoy the ride.


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