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What Is The Proper Sales Letter Format?

Updated on August 4, 2010

What Is The Proper Sales Letter Format?

 Writing a sales letter can be quite difficult, even for businesses that are already hugely successful but even more for those that are just starting up.  Even though you have a few pages to get your point across, it can be difficult to be completely satisfied and you need to show readers why they should be interested in your business over others.  Sales letter are a type of business letter but they are also very different.  Business letters tend to be more serious and strict, using advertising techniques to talk to readers in a generalized manner.

 Sales letters on the other hand should be kept much more personalized.  You basically want to keep yourself on the same level as your readers when you are writing a sales letter.  Studies have even shown that most people are interested more in a sales letter that is personalized than any other business or marketing letter.  For proper sales letter format, make sure you are basically talking through the letter just as you would if you were talking to a friend.

 You need to fully understand what the proper sales letter format is before even getting started on writing the letter.  Start off by coming up with a captivating headline that is going to catch the attention of readers.  The body is the meat of the sandwich so to speak, and is where you want to offer the most important information.  You do want to keep things casual but then at the same time still get your point across and let them know what your business has to offer.

 Your sales letter may be personalized and interesting enough but if at the end readers are still not even sure what your business is all about, it will have been all for nothing.  Sales letters are on average about seven to eight pages in length but you have to keep the interest of readers all the way through and this can be challenging.  Although the length of the average sales letter is eight pages, do not worry if yours is a bit longer or shorter.  Let readers know what your business is offering and why you feel they would enjoy the products or services available.

 Once you have finished the letter, make sure you edit it at least four to five times before even thinking of sending it out.  The last thing you want is to have the perfect sales letter only one that is full of spelling errors and grammar mistakes.  The last thing you want is to send out a sales letter to numerous potential customers only to realize you had spelling errors or poor grammar.  Writing an effective sales letter can definitely take some time but will be more than worth it if you write an effective letter that is going to get the attention of readers and bring in more business.


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