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What Is a Junior Stock Broker?

Updated on January 9, 2015

Junior stock broker’s career is one of the best paid occupations.

When it comes to a junior stock broker, many questions and doubts may appear about what they really are, what they do, and where do they do it. There are many ads in the newspapers from companies looking for junior stock brokers. It is a profession that nowadays offers a promising future, and virtually anyone can get in it.

A Junior Stock Broker

A junior stock broker is the person in the stock market that researches for financial information on markets and everything related to it, such as economic trends, mutual funds or commodities for an investor’s firm. They gather all the information possible depending on the requirements the enterprises they work for need. They are under the supervision of a manager or a senior stock broker. Junior stock brokers will gain more power of decision as they make an efficient performance. They could be in charge of a client’s portfolio, for example.

Requirements to Become a Junior Stock Broker

Junior stock brokers don’t necessarily have to be financial or economics professionals. Formally, there are no degree requirements to apply for a position as a junior stock broker. Obviously, companies give more attention to the ones that have a degree in a related field, but that is not a decisive criteria. What really is a decisive factor is the test every junior stock broker must pass to enter to the stock market. This test is called the General Securities Registered Representative Examination.


The profile a junior stock broker needs is to have a complete knowledge about the functioning of markets and financial systems. This will allow making the right decisions and improve the performance once he is working in the stock market. Junior stock brokers should also be prepared to work under pressure and they have to be able to make important decisions in matter of minutes. When working in the stock market, one wrong decision or what is almost the same, a late decision, could bring catastrophic consequences for your enterprise and its clients.


Junior stock broker’s career is one of the best paid occupations. Not only do they have high salaries, but there are also various bonuses given to junior stock brokers depending on their performance and contributions. In that aspect, the income potential is very attractive for many applicants.


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