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What Job Oppurtunities are Available for Former Teachers

Updated on July 28, 2013

I Once was a Teacher


What Jobs are Out There?

Jobs for Teachers
Curriculum Writers
Assessment Writers
Textbook Companies
Online Tutoring
Freelance Educational Specialist

A Classroom-less Teacher

I am a classroom-less teacher. It is my new persona. I never intended to be a former teahcer or a teacher without a classroom. In fact I always wanted to be a teacher and always planned on remaining in the classroom for my tenure. The best laid plans don't always turn out the way we intended. After ten years in the classroom,multiple degrees, and certification I found myself without a job and costing twice what a novice teacher would cost. Interview after interview I came up short, experience was great but not at the cost of my salary. District weren't looking to spend that much on a teacher when they could get two novice teachers for the price of me,

SO I found myself looking outside the classroom. Most teacher are so multi talented there are many things they can do. There are so many job I could apply for but what was going to use my passion for teacher and my knowledge of education and the classroom.

I knew there had to be jobs that worked with schools to create the materials that teachers use. I started my research and applying for job that were available in my local area.

There are careers out there for former teacher that use what they know without the classroom or parents and unfortunately without summer break.

Curriculum Writers

Writing the curriculum that teachers will use incorporates the knowledge you have already. Curricullum writing can be a part time or full time job. There are many opportunities out there to take on positions as a regular job or to take on free lance assignments as they become available. Some of htese position pay more than others so it is important to have good time management skills and a quality understanding of what the job entails before you start writing.

Assessment Writers

Assessment is a small industry that is in growing need of smart content driven people. As the standards are changed over to common core the assessments that students have been taking for years are being phased out and new innovative test need to be developed. No more will we see the fill in the bubble multiple choice tests as the world of technology and testing move into the next century.

Textbook Companies

Textbooks companies have many positions for former teachers, whether it is developing the textbooks, editing the textbooks, running test program with the textbooks, marketing, and selling their product. Textbooks companies have well known names that most teachers have heard of and have positions that former teachers can fill with some training. Be prepared that you are starting over in a new field of work and you probably are not going to jump to a new salary range just by moving to corporate America.

Online Tutoring

I have several friends that decided to be mostly stay at home moms. They have the freedom to be home with their kids during the day and receive some pay for their knowledge and work. There are many online sites that connect you with students that need specific tutoring in your subject areas. Some people are looking for day time tutors for home schooled students or home bound students. Other are looking for additional support for their students in the evenings and weekends. If you have knowledge in math and science your expertise can be highly paid especially at the high school and college level.

Freelance Education Specialist

There are so many opportunities out there if you put your mind into what your knowledge base can achieve. If you have specific knowledge of a subject that could meet the needs of a school improvement plan you could independently offer professional development workshops to school districts and individuals. You could create your own business catering to schools and presenting what you know in order to help district meet their needs and help yourself create a second career after teaching.

A Teacher-less Classroom


A New Job for a Former Teacher

As a former teacher look at what you were good at in your classroom and start making lists to see what you enjoyed from teaching and what you want and don't want in a new career. Explore your options and what is available in your area. Take the leap into a new career and remember to keep that teacher certificate current because you never know when you might need it again.


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