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What Kind of Links Are Good To My Site?

Updated on August 16, 2011

Why Link Building Is Important?

There are different styles and approaches to link building, all of which can be effective. And there is no single approach that will be 100% effective. That will require specific link building tactics as determined by your site's topic and analyzing the competition.

Too many people jump right in to trying to get people to link to their site, but have they thought if it is a quality link? A quality link is a link related to the theme of your site.

Since relevant links count most, answering this question is a big key to success. A potential target for linking to you is any site which is related to your site's content, or that can reasonably publish an article related to your business.

Fundamentally most of the methodologies and tactics used by SEO consultants are relatively simple. Getting the entire picture right and being successfully is whole lot harder.

The concept here is to write high quality articles and give them to other web sites for placement on those sites. You only do this type of work to get very high quality links. But you can get some awesome links this way. The big win is in the links you get out of it.

A really well structured campaign can bring you lots of links, and in some cases, high quality links, including links from traditional media sites. Link building is one of the most important factors to get your site rank high in the major search engines.


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