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What Magic You Should Not Expect from SEO Expert

Updated on January 2, 2014
SEO Expert
SEO Expert

You must have heard many things about the miracles, which an SEO expert can perform. The SEO expert is considered a magician, who can instantly take your website to top ranking and threefold increase in your sales. Additionally, the individual must be capable of giving your brand a massive reputation by socializing your brands in Facebook and Twitter. The success of your brand would continue to stay for many years.

However, you cannot achieve your dreams in few days. There are long processes and efforts, which take you to your desired position. In this hub, I would describe about the factors that are not possible from any individual, but they are expected to be performed by the SEO expert. I am not against the client views or disrespect the client’s expectation, but it is observation that I have leant from my experience in the online industry.

magic Expected from SEO Expert
magic Expected from SEO Expert

Magic which is Expected from SEO Expert

  • Threefold Increase in Sales- You would get quality targeted traffic back to your website, but there is no guarantee that the visitor would turn into a potential buyer. The sale of a product is dependent on many factors such as the quality of the product, cost compared to the competitors, unique aspects, demand in the future and background of the company. You can embed a newsletter, form or offers to get review of the visitor on your site.
  • Site to be Ranked in 15 Days- If an individual starts with a business, it is almost impossible that his work would get popular in the town within 2 weeks. It takes genuine efforts for a website to get listed in page#1 of top search engines. A minimum duration of 16-30 weeks (depending on the efforts) is required to rank your website in top search engines. Additionally, the website should have original content, eye catching video, amazing offers, registration in social forums and quality back links. These factors would make sure that your website gets ranked quickly in top search engines. If the website or blog domain is 2-3 years old; there are strong chances that the website would get ranked within 6 weeks. Additionally, if you have been adding quality back links and original content in regular intervals, the timing can be reduced.

SEO Process
SEO Process
  • Regular Change in the Search Rankings- There is no guarantee that you implement the task, and the result is delivered. The SEO expert would implement his entire skills and promotional campaigns, to promote the client website, but it does not imply that the result would be delivered with every task. If you add an original article and get quality back link to your website, there is no guarantee that your website would move closer to top rankings. The search engines do not give priority to such events.You would see improvement gradually in pages, as the efforts are applied regularly. Additionally, the results are also dependent on keyword searches and the competition.
  • Get in the Likes of #1 #2 #3- This is not an easy task and it may take days and even months to hit the #1 position. Additionally, some clients want these positions with guarantee. The positions are possible with strong efforts, but still there is no guarantee. Getting in page #1 is possible with good promotional campaigns, and the page is sufficient to give you platform for attracting the visitors. Alternatively, if the keyword is more competitive; you may have to settle for page #2.
  • Strong Guarantee on Paper- Alternatively, if the individual is offering you a guarantee, there can be a catch or plan to deceive you. Guarantee is never possible in online industry. Your primary motive should be to acquire original content, quality back links and achieving good reputation in the online market.

Myths Associated with SEO Expert
Huge Rise in Sales
Instant Top Ranking
Be on #1 or #2 Positions
Payment After Results
Complete Online Knowledge

Do you expect these factors from your SEO Expert?

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  • Payment only after the Result is Delivered- This sort of explanation is slowly getting common in the globe. You cannot expect an SEO expert to invest time and efforts for free. Is this expectation induced on any individual of any other profession? Would the client like to work, if the same condition is induced on him?
  • A Complete All-rounder with Writing, Graphical, and Programming Skills- Majority of SEO experts have knowledge of writing, graphical and programming skills, but it you cannot expect an individual to have mastered these skills before.

Lastly, it is not bad to expect returns for your investment, but you cannot over rely on a single individual for all your tasks. There would be some aspects, which can be mastered only from your side.


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