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What Makes Chennai the Best Job Destination in South India

Updated on May 2, 2014

About Chennai

Chennai is the Capital city of Southern state of Tamil Nadu. Located on the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal. This city has been playing an important role in traditional, economic, historical and academic growth of India.

Being the 4th largest city in India, it serves as commercial center of importance in south India. Also being a Port city allows smooth passage of exports and imports, as a consequence is home to many of the global automobile brands, who have set-up their manufacturing units contributing 40% of India’s total automobile production.

Not only being a travel destination, it has always been a job capital in southern India thronged by professionals and skilled tradesmen from all over the country. The booming economy of Chennai is credited to leading industries, including Automobile, IT enabled Services, Petrochemicals, Financial Services, textiles and hardware manufacturing.


According to a recent study done by Forbes, Chennai is home to 24 different Indian mega companies, along with some International organisations. The economy is projected to grow to $100 billion USD by 2025.

Chennai’s economy is broadly based on Automobile, IT, Medical tourism, Hardware manufacturing and Financial services. Chennai is the origin of 40% of Automobile products in India, making Chennai to be referenced as the Detroit of India . Also being the highest exporter of IT and BPO services, which contribute a major chunk to its booming economy.

Infosys has made an investment of Rs 12.5 billion to develop India’s largest software development center which will accommodate 25,000 software professionals.

Medical Tourism, brings in a lot of International health tourists which ensures a constant inflow in the foreign reserves of our country.

All sectors can be regarded as the key contributors in Chennai’s growth to drive it’s economy.


Around 60% of India’s Automobile Exports are manufactured and originate from Chennai. International Automotive brands such as BMW, Hyundai, Nissan, Ford, Mitsubishi, And Renault. Most of the automotive brands have established manufacturing units, development centers and logistics, managing the Indian operations and the exports of finished goods manufactured here to other corners of the world.

Chennai has a market share of around 40% of India’s Automobile Industry. Producing the most number of Automobiles every year which is more than any on state in the US, making it to be known as the Detroit of India.


Also being known as the Banking Capital of India, the city is home to various national and international banks of repute managing a large volume of financial transactions on a daily basis. Many nationalized banks have operations in this city, however international banks are also prolifering in this city. Not just banks many Insurance and financial companies are based here.

World Bank, The Royal Bank of Scotland, Asian Development Bank, Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank and Citibank are the International Brands which have a major share of their Indian Operations been managed from this city. The presence of International banks justify its prominence and importance as a city of financial importance.

Information Technology

Since the liberalisation of Indian Economy in 1990′s, Chennai has been home to software companies and business process outsourcing services. IT and BPO services are the key contributors in the city’s economics growth. Indian Software companies like Infosys, Satyam Mahindra, and HCL have R&D centers established here.
Tidel IT Park, the largest IT park in Asia serves as a residence for global players from this sector. International IT brands like Honeywell, VMWare, Intel, HP, IBM, Accenture, Aricent, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Capgemini and Oracle Corporation are based here employing a large segment of technical professionals from all parts of the country.


Chennai is home to a number of specialized hospitals which are famous all across the globe. India’s best healthcare services are found here which attracts medical tourists from all across the globe. Apollo Hospitals, Sankara Nethralaya, Sri Ramachandra Medical Center, Fortis Healthcare, K.M. Cherian Heart Foundation and Sundaram Medical Foundation are some of the hospitals which justify the crowning as the Health Capital of India, attracting 45% of international medical tourists and 30%-40% of Indian medical tourists.
Chennai has proved it mettle in Healthcare Services. Some records in the field of medicine have been created here and is followed through.
First ever Liver transplant was conducted in Chennai.
Government General hospital performed its 1000th Kidney Transplant.
Chennai acts as a hub of deceased organ transplant, here the donor rate is 15 times higher than the rest of India.


Chennai has always been a favorite job destination for engineers, medical personnel, financial experts and other professionals. With a broad base of companies, the job opportunities here are numerous be it IT, Healthcare or Finance openings are generated from time to time. As major companies are expanding their operations, thereby leading to generation of jobs across various profiles.
Finding jobs in Chennai is no herculean task as most of the employers now upload their job openings on job boards like Careerbuilder. With the digitization of job search, it is way more easier to find jobs based on location. So with the help of location based filters, jobs can be found for numerous profiles across various sectors in Chennai.


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