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Manufacturing in China Successfully

Updated on June 27, 2011
China Manufacturing
China Manufacturing

What to look for in a China manufacturer

As there is nowhere to check the financial status of factories in China, it pays to choose your China manufacturer carefully - as in any country. To successfully outsource manufacturing to China, your China manufacturing company must offer the following:

Quality, Quality, Quality - Speaks for itself, but can be hard to measure. Read on.

ISO 9001 Accreditation - Ensures your China manufacturer has put the relevant practices, procedures and processes in place to measure and deliver quality to the expected standard.

Longevity - A proven track record in manufacturing over many years ensures credibility and a reputation for delivering quality.

Knowledge of China - "Five years' international procurement experience" is not good enough. Manufacturing experience in China is all that matters. Business relationships (Guanxi) is a key part of business in China and cannot be built up overnight.

Protection - Choose a China manufacturer which is willing to protect your intellectual property rights by signing Confidentiality Agreements and by being registered and incorporated in Hong Kong where the legal system is based on English common law, offering additional protection.

One-stop China Manufacturing - You will need a full-service China manufacturing partner which offers multiple materials and manufacturing processes and which includes shipping and logistics services.

Ease of Communication - Can you speak to western management in China in English about your product? You will need to.


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