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What Makes an Effective Lead Capture Page or Squeeze Page?

Updated on June 22, 2018

If you are looking for that sharp edge on your competitors in the world of business, you must never discount the lead capture page. The power of being able to follow up with anyone that has expressed interest in your organization is tremendous.

Millions of company websites, blogs, and charity web pages can receive visitors, but once that visitor is gone they may not return - ever! Here you will learn about the importance of having a lead capture page. You will also learn how to make it highly effective, and you will find out just how to design one.

What is a Lead Capture Page?

A lead capture page is simply a web page in which its sole purpose is to capture leads. Before continuing I feel that it is necessary to clarify and distinguish it from a website. A typical website will consist of multiple pages that are tiered, or follow some form of hierarchy when designed. An effective lead capture page collects contact information for the purposes of following up with the visitor. The type of information that's collected will hinge entirely upon the objective of the organization advertising the capture page.

The Heading

Highly effective capture pages have to be able to grab (and keep) the attention of the visitor early. The primary component in this process is a great headline. Headlines on a lead capture page must be bold; they must be bright and they certainly have to "speak" directly to the reader.

In order for the page to speak to the reader, the person designing it should at least know the type of reader that they are targeting. Verbiage that impacts the reader personally works well. Also, you want to strive for a headline that clues to the reader that you are about to solve a problem of theirs.

Loading Times

To capture leads on your page take into consideration just how quickly the page loads. There are many pages floating around on the internet with so many unnecessary add-ons. Pages that are heavy on the graphical images can harm your objective, so use the JPEG and GIF files with discretion.

While these images can make your lead capture page more appealing, the download speeds of visitors will vary. It may be tough to fathom but there are thousands of internet users still using dial-up and other slow connection resources to access the web.

Just as too many images can be harmful, too much dialouge can also distract (and eventually lose) a page visitor. Lead capturing from your page is made simpler when you keep the words clear and concise. Following a great headline any other words must be dedicated to:

  1. Helping the reader (solving a problem).
  2. Peaking the reader's interest (curiosity).
  3. A Call to Action.

Call to Action

This is one of the most overlooked aspects to a proper lead capture page. The call to action is necessary because it directs the page visitor (or reader) what to do in order for them to obtain your information. Some examples of a call to action are:

  • "Click the link below to learn more."
  • "Submit the form to the right to get started."
  • "Watch the short video to get your free report."
  • "Please continue reading the rest of this Call to Action segment."

Note: Do not omit a call to action in any form of advertising that you do. They should be on your fliers, business cards, capture pages, and even classified ads.

It is not worth losing a prospective customer or subscriber due to ignorance; regardless of how obvious you think your ad may be.

A Lead Capture Form


The Lead Capture Form

This form is the most vital component on a highly effective lead capture page. The lead capture form can be best described as a graphical table in which the visitor can enter their contact information. This is very important to have as you defeat your purpose if visitors are going to the page but have nowhere to leave their information.

You have seen a wide variety of these forms. Think of the last time you went to your local mall only to see the shiny brand new car parked inside the mall. Right next to it is usually a ballot accompanied by forms of the paper type.

They offer the public a chance to win the vehicle, but not before the prospect's contact information is left. This is often advertised as a drawing; they are capturing leads. Likewise, on your organization's lead capture page, you must offer something in exchange for contact information.

Who Should Be Using a Lead Capture Page?

Any type of organization, author, business (large or small), and blogger should know how to capture leads. In essence, this should be the goal of any type of internet entity. There may be a number of reasons as to why an organization captures leads, but it all boils down to making money.

Businesses and Organizations

Regardless of what you may have heard there is money in your leads list. Face it - a business will not survive if it does not have an ever growing list of fresh contacts. No matter what the industry is you will find a plethora of competitors, and with so many the business has to stay in the forefront...or at least try.

A business does this by constantly placing their promotions and offers in front of their list of leads. A very small percentage of people decide to make a purchase after seeing an offer the first time. An organization for a particular cause may capture leads so that they can inform them of changes or to even solicit donations.

Bloggers, Teachers, Authors

These types can use a lead capture page to maintain rapport and educate their readers. A niche blogger may want to use this page to promote their latest post. Not every time the follower of a blog will be notified of a new post. Once the blogger captures this lead he or she can deliver the information based on the initial contact info they've collected.

Instructors may have websites that they maintain on which they can have a lead capture form (or page). For instance, they can offer a weekly answer key newsletter to their students. Can you imagine that? That would be one amazing instructor.

The Flow of a Lead Capture Page

True, the main goal of any lead capture page is to build a list of contacts. But think of how slowly your list will grow if no one is going to the page to begin with. Before any capture page can begin to work there must be a steady flow of traffic going to it. Not everyone will decide to opt in to your lead capture form, after all it is asking for personal information. This is why it is very important to consider how you are going to drive traffic to it consistently.

The Domain

Strongly consider investing in a catchy and highly relevant domain that forwards to your lead capture page. The relevancy is important because you want the general public to not only remember your web address, but understand what the page is about. Making a lead capture page has become relatively easy but part of the end result is getting a complex URL that most people will not remember.

You can rely on URL shorteners such as:, Tiny URL,, and others but a domain looks much more professional. Besides, a shortened URL gives the impression that you have something to hide. It compresses your original URL, however, sometimes at the expense of many visitors out of reluctance to go to it. An attractive, keyword laden domain is much more easily indexed by search engines. Can you imagine what a shortened URL will look like on a business card?

The Traffic

Seek out many advertising sources and do not be shy. Any traffic is good traffic, regardless of whether it's courtesy of a free advertising source or a paid one. It will be the headline on your lead capture page that will screen and narrow down your prospects tremendously. In the beginning of your advertising campaign you want to try everything. Later on you want to spend more time and effort advertising in the realms that get you the best results from.

So the Lead is Captured. Now What?

So you've mastered the necessary evil of lead capturing, so what do you do? It's very gratifying to see your list of contacts grow from tens, to hundreds, to the thousands. Do not become complacent! With the assistance of an effective lead capture system you must immediately begin to build relationships with your contacts. Refrain from making haste to sell to them your offers - no one likes to be sold. People want to freely make their own decisions.

Building Relationships.

You must first educate and show them things that are of benefit to them. Hold no secrets, but don't educate them on everything under the sun. Remember why they decided to opt in to begin with and stick that niche. Nothing irritates a lead more than not delivering what was initially promised. They will feel cheated and as a result that trust you so ever tried to establish will be destroyed. Neglect to hold up your end of the deal and a prospect won't buy. And if the prospect did buy before they will not return.

Send Love Letters.

No, you're not supposed to send them love letters (although you can). This was just an example of a compelling headline because it got your attention. Recall that a lead capture page can be designed to collect any contact information you choose. This can be the person's name, phone number, email address, zip code, zodiac sign, favorite beverage, you name it. It's totally up to you with this lead capture system. One piece of information most internet entities collect is a person's email address. Once this is obtained your system will automatically send them letters.

It is in these email letters that you want to relate, educate, and promote. Most people like to refer to lead capture systems as the most underrated employees in the internet business. That is because they are managing all of your contacts and also putting your communications on auto pilot. It's the kind of leverage that any growing entrepreneur will need. You will have the option to choose how often a letter will be sent to a lead. Don't be abusive but remain consistent; you don't want to be forgotten.

With the world wide web at your disposal a small business owner really does not have to stay small. A blogger or college professor can broaden their reach. And a non-profit organization can easily communicate their cause to others in a different hemisphere. This is all made possible with the use of a highly effective lead capture page. Always keep in mind the elements that will make your page efficient:

  • Consistent traffic
  • A page that loads quickly
  • Captivating verbiage
  • The call to action
  • Lead capture form
  • Relate and educate

Refer to this guide and you will never run out of people to talk to or promote your offers to. In business a growing list of fresh leads is extremely valuable. Often times even more valuable than currency itself. Whether your objective is to make an initial sale, keep repeat customers, or to simply have tons of followers, the lead capture page is paramount to your success.


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    • KevinTimothy profile imageAUTHOR

      Kevin J Timothy 

      8 years ago from Tampa Bay, FL


      Thanks, sir. I wish you and your partner the utmost success. That lead capture page is such a powerful part of online trade. Simple, but definitely cannot be overlooked. I'm really glad I can help

    • Robert Erich profile image

      Robert Erich 

      8 years ago from California

      Kevin! This is a great article. I am currently working with someone to promote an e-book and this was exactly what I needed to read! Thanks for writing and you have certainly given me a few extra things to consider. Keep up the quality articles!


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