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What Matters Most To Young People In Their (First) Job?

Updated on November 13, 2017
Image Credit: rawpixel via Pixabay
Image Credit: rawpixel via Pixabay | Source

Promotion, Bonus, or Remuneration seems less important. However, the majority of young people have too high expectations for salary.

A recent survey by Attentia survey of 800 young people aged 20 to 25 years found that recognition, atmosphere and working environment were the three most important aspects sought by young graduates applying for their first job.

The wages and safety at work completing the top five of the most important factors leading to the choice of an employer. While pay is not the most important element, most young workers still expect higher amount than what is usually granted for any position. However, this should not be a fundamental criterion. The first job often confirms if your expectations match the reality, thus one can quickly resolve the issue of excessive salaries.

What matters most for young graduates?

  • The gratitude
  • The atmosphere
  • The work environment
  • Salary
  • The safety of the workplace
  • Teleworking and part-time work

The study also shows that working from home is important. Over a third of workers attach importance to it. It also appears that the benefits related to the family are more important for women than for men.

The opportunity to work part time account for 32% of women and 14% of men beginning their careers. In addition, women are more fond of telework than men and consider the balance between work and private life important (40% against 22%).

In response to expectations

Employers stand out mainly due to intangible elements and a certain flexibility. At the beginning of their careers, young people hope to learn a lot from their boss. Employers who want to attract and retain young people in their business can make a difference by caring staff through little touches, training and an environment of nice work. The introduction of a flexibility policy plays an important role: employers can allow one to work later, work part time, telecommute if necessary, etc.

The material elements often seem to flow naturally for young graduates. They feature the latest technological gadgets at home and want to have the same office. Benefits such as hospitalization or insurance were very attractive years ago. Nowadays, it’s almost a default to have one. If, as an employer, you do not offer insurance, you will significantly be less likely to attract new talent.

The new trend is to give more choices in benefits such as additional leave days. With this flexible salary package, the employer determines the value of each benefit depending on the position held by the worker. It chooses what suits him best. Employers must present these benefits to as many employees and communicate transparently.


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