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What Motivates People to Join a Movement

Updated on March 9, 2019
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What Motivates People to Join a Movement

It has become a cliché that people are apathetic, but in reality, digital technology and social media have made it easier than ever before to raise awareness of injustice and to organize action to address it. With so many causes and protests out there, what makes people join a change movement and move beyond ‘clicktivism’?

1. Connection- a real-world version of social media communities

People crave being part of a community, connecting to an idea or a cause that’s bigger than themselves. Social movements provide a real-world version of social media communities, where people can join together in person. It's even better if your message embraces a universal concept, like the founding principles of everyone being born equal or access to clean water.

Real world chapters and activities are more successful than an internet petition at keeping supporters engaged in the long term.

2. Action give people a personal investment

People also want to do something in response to a problem. The torrent of bad news that’s now available twenty-four hours a day can lead to a feeling of hopelessness and powerlessness. The right social movement can provide an outlet for people to act in more tangible and personal ways than signing a petition or donating money. Awareness raising through fun runs, activities such as tree-planting, or beach cleanups, give people a personal investment in the program.

Give people information kits so they can become ambassadors for your cause.


3. Personal statements

People like being seen to be part of the group. Social media challenges, cause-themed photo frames for social media profiles, wearing cause-related merchandise like colored ribbons for particular lobby groups, badges, bracelets, and t-shirts signal their commitment to their cause and connect them to like-minded people.

Try to make your cause immune to fashion by developing small, specific campaigns that relate to your big mission.

4. Cementing the connection - engage people beyond your initial message

Nonprofits and cause movements often notice a surge of participation that over time drops off. People at the start might be enthusiastic but then lose interest or find another objective to support. To get a change movement to take off, you need to engage people beyond your initial message.

In short, there has to be something in it for them to maintain their commitment. That's why activity-based campaigns are successful. People like to participate in a fun run, marathon or endurance challenge and at the same time make it a way of supporting a good cause.

Make it easy and fun for people to support your cause, give them the information to become influencers themselves and win more followers for your movement.

5. Positive mind set

A Positive Mind Set Is Important for Your Success! Yоu рrоbаblу bееn раrt of working grоuрѕ at some роіnt. . The members оf thе wоrkіng grоuр take rеѕроnѕіbіlіtу fоr their own rеѕultѕ.We cannot deny the fact that teamwork can at times be a huge hurdle to cross, but with the individual efforts combined, effective teamwork can still be possible and high quality work can definitely be produced

What separates dreamers from achievers is the setting of goals. Making goals is the first step to taking action. And once you start taking action, your dreams become a reality.



All of the above mentioned things are not that much difficult to be integrated in your life and you can easily make your life better and more productive with these things.

Every one of us has this tendency of making unlimited progress in our life but we all need a bit of inspiration to start that progress.


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