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How To Become The Best Real Estate Agent and Financially Excel - 7 Important Real Estate Sales Tips

Updated on December 30, 2013

I wanted to share my experiences I had after attaining my real estate experience. Their is so much information you will not get, simply because you are new and in the way. Real Estate companies what large numbers of agents to make them look good but many won't give you the training they promised.

You are basically on your own once you sign on the dotted line. They will use a newbie to sit in open houses but for the life of me I don't know why most don't train you for this very important mission.

Actually the reason is simple. The more experienced can spend their time more wisely while you sit in the open houses. This however is great news for you if you are new. At the time I felt used and saw no purpose in showing another agents property. But later I realized it was a great opportunity to meet new clients and make appointments to show them more property to their liking. Like I said, I was not trained.

How to Become the Best Real Estate Agent You Can Become

If I only knew what I know now, then...

  • Selling Real Estate is a consultative position where you are finding out what people need and giving them what they want in their price range of course.
  • If I read "Persuasive IQ" I would have been able to talk to any Broker, prospect or Investor more effectively and made much more money.
  • Never let your prospects control you, make a plan and be consistent; you will gain respect and referrals.
  • Find the most successful Realtor and make them your mentor.

How To Become A Real Estate Agent

  1. Go to real estate school or course in a college. The course can be anywhere from 4 weeks to 2 years.
  2. Pass course test to receive certificate to take final exam.
  3. Pass background/fingerprint test.
  4. Take and pass State exam.
  5. Sign up with Real Estate office. Your license is valid when help by a Real Estate Broker.

7 Ways to Be the Best Real Estate Agent You Can Be

While in school I was approached by several companies that offered further training once I decided to sign with them. I found out that there are really a lot of companies that will promise to train you until you are on board then are too busy to do so.

I really don't understand why that is to this day. I later on ended up with three other brokers that promised training until I happily ended up with the agency I am now with.

  1. Don't waste years with a company because of its strong sales if you are not going to be trained to make sales yourself. There are thousands of real estate agents that become discourage because of no training and not producing and have to find other employment.
  2. Don't be a glorified house sitter or receptionist. If you have desk time or an open house be proactive and get those leads. Demand to be trained this will build your confidence and business.
  3. Leave any company that is wasting your time. Tell them to terminate you immediately if you are being strung along without training, but have a suitable company waiting such as Coldwell Banker, they have extensive training available to your growth.
  4. Don't show your best house first or last. Most people will not choose the first home they see and will expect more when you show the worse to the best.
  5. Let buyers answer their own objections by just listening and being a consultative agent. Ask how will you deal with this problem? You will be surprised at the answers and how they will solve their own problems and objections.
  6. Let all buyers know that you can help them buy any house no matter the listings. They don't know what you have access to.
  7. Don't expect a sale at open houses. This is a method of prospecting. Your prospects are coming to you! Ask what they are looking for and let them know that you can assist them if they are not currently working with another agent. Let them know you have access to properties that better suit their needs. FYI: The house you are showing may be perfect for someone are helping.

Learning how to make the most of your time with the right training will give you more confident and make you more money. Prepare yourself and don't depend on other to have your best interest before theirs. Read Persuasive IQ and read it twice.

You will learn how to deal with anybody effectively and get results that will supersede your goals. You have to make you own decision to move forward. Envision what you want to accomplish before you go to sleep and let your brain work out the strategy. You will be surprised what you will dream up.

I hope this information is something you can take with you to add value to your business. Putting new knowledge in your arsenal can make a difference in your dealings when the time comes to use them. Regards


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