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What Not To Buy Online

Updated on March 19, 2011
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What Not To Buy

Okay, if you are there reading this, you probably have bought stuff online. Heck, you probably make a living buying (and even selling) online. Well, I think you probably even make a lot of money or earn a living online.

But anyway, even in this Everything’s Online Age there are probably still things that aren’t wise to buy, to trade or even to sell online.

In fact I did a quick search online. Yes, I googled it! And I found this cute little article on the top of the list, of things that we shouldn't buy online. I think it was a strange list but I guess the reasons given were reasonable enough. Let me spell that list out below.

Okay I didn't think you will buy these online either.
Okay I didn't think you will buy these online either.

What Not To Buy Online

On the top: Luxury items (Number one thing not to buy online)

Number two: Prescription Medicine

Number three: Electronics (Okay it said Fragile Electronics)

Number four: Groceries

Number five: Intimate Clothing

As I have said, you can agree with that list or you can trust your instincts and your online savvy and experience and continue buying/selling or buy/sell stuff like that for the first time online.

I see no reason why uou should follow this list if you think or believe that there is nothing wrong with purchasing those things online. Yes, especially if you have been doing this since you first got hooked on doing your shopping online.

And all you online sellers and would be sellers, you should particularly know for sure what are the items that you should just steer clear on selling online. One tip, if you or people you know wouldn't buy it online, then I suggest that you do not sell it either as there is a big chance that nobody’s going to buy it anyway.

What To Buy Online

Okay at the other end of this question, is what are the things to buy online.

Now I also googled it and I clicked on this link at the top of the list. I am not saying that all list toppers are the best. But l'lI let you decide that for yourself.

Surprisingly, the number one item to buy on this list was in part the number two item on the Do Not Buy List above. And the number two and three items to buy on this list was in part the number three item on that same Don’t Buy List. Go figure!

Okay, here is that list. As I have said, I will let you decide on all this.

iPhone Anyone? Real Cheap!
iPhone Anyone? Real Cheap!

On the top: Pharmaceutical or Prescription Meds (Number one thing to buy online)

Number two: Professional or Technical Equipment or Electronics

Number three: Cellphones

Number four: Tickets (Okay, Event Tickets)

Number five: Travel Tickets

Okay, what I am not saying over here is probably the all time best seller items online. And I will give you a hint; these are the stuff that you would normally not buy in any store. Or these are the things that you wouldn’t want to be caught dead with, if ever you pass out after a day of in-store shopping.

Well, I really have no specific data for you. But we can use our common sense and we can probably tell it ourselves through observation and experience.

Anyway, my guess for the top items to buy online are probably in this list.

1. Intimate or Sexual Items

2. Intimate or Sexual Medicine

3. Intimate or Sexual Literature

4. Intimate or Sexual Movie (otherwise known as Porn)

5. Intimate or Sexual Merchandise

Okay, okay, you get where I’m getting to.

Although, honestly I haven’t purchase any of these things online. Well, okay at least not yet. Or let’s just say I have not found a reason to purchase any of those just yet.

And okay, before I go, I have another Five Item List for you, this one is the five items that you should always buy online.

What You Should Buy Online

On the top: If you need it: Prescription Eyeglasses (Number one thing you should buy online)

Number two: DVDs, CDs, Bluray Discs

Number three: Airplane Tickets

Number four: Infomercial Items

Number five: Books

Okay, whatever your list is, or either you agree with these lists or not. One thing that I am sure of, there are things that we shouldn’t buy online as there are things that we absolutely have to buy online. Whatever your lists are, if it works for you, then that's what you have to go with.

As the web have slowly but surely evolved into a place where the Power is given To The People, so in the same token, I am giving you that power, to choose and not choose on your own.

Choose wisely.



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