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What Should a Small Business Look for in a Website Designer?

Updated on September 19, 2012

When a small business seeks out proposals from web designers, they should look for:

  1. A web designer that can personally interact with them and show them what they mean, so from the same location is ideal (although sometimes designers can utilise demo videos or skype video).
  2. A designer that asks the right questions and lays out groundwork in advance, encompassing such elements as:
  • Do you have compelling website copy or will you need a copywriter?
  • Do you like your logo as is - or can it be modernised for online viewing? (Subtle way of saying your old logo is well out-dated)
  • Do you want social media (e.g. twitter/facebook) integration and share-ability?
  • Do you want mobile optimisation and here's why you should...?
  • Do you need a Content Management System and Blog, and here's why you might need them?

I guess what I'm saying is a website designer on the leading edge of technology and online trends is going to help you get a well-branded, interactive website - rather than a soon to be outdated one.

The third thing a business owner should look for is a fantastic portfolio with a variety of looks.

And the final thing they should ask for or look for is testimonials from happy clients. Ring two people from their website testimonials and get the real scoop on their entire service. If everyone did this, it would save a lot of bargain price shopping and fatal mistakes.

Where is Red Planet Design?

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Baringa St, Clontarf QLD 4019, Australia
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