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What To Do While Waiting For A Job

Updated on January 3, 2012

Try Service

You have sent out all of your resumes, contacted everyone in your address book, signed up for every job hunting site and cleaned the house. Now what?

Get out of the house and be of service to someone. There are so many ways to provide service in your own community such as, volunteering at the local soup kitchen or getting involved with civic and religious groups.

Let's take a look at how service can help you in your job search. Look at your skill set, find the organizations that can use your particular skills and call them up.

Why should you do this?

  • First of all, if feels good to help people and is great for your self-esteem. You meet people and you never know who you may encounter. Someone might have the perfect opportunity for you at this moment so don't pass this up.
  • It gets you out of the house. You are not going to find many opportunities just sitting around the house watching daytime TV. You keep up on your social and networking skills and stay positive.
  • It looks good on a resume. Employers know that it takes time to get a job and if you have some kind of service on your resume they are inclined to see you as an ambitious and potentially hard working employee.

One thing to watch out for is insincerely with your efforts. If you are not sincere, the people you are working with can tell and it can potentially backfire on you. Be selfless and caring and you will benefit greatly from community service.


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