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What To Sell On Ebay? A Beginners Guide To Bargain Hunting For Valuable Items To Resell On Ebay.

Updated on March 30, 2013

So you want to make a bit of extra cash selling on eBay but don't know what to sell? Did you know that it is common to come across valuable goods at second hand stores, flea markets & garage/yard sales? I'm always scouting second hand stores for goods to resell on eBay, it's an easy thing to do, you just need to have some idea about what to look for.

There are basically 4 ways of acquiring goods to sell on eBay, which are; buying & importing products direct from wholesalers to resell. Selling goods on behalf of people you know for a commission. Creating products of your own. Or hunting/'picking' for antique & collectible items at second hand stores, flea markets, and garage/yard sales. This article focuses mainly on the later.

This article is intended for people looking to make a passive income selling on eBay, it is a beginners guide based on bargain hunting/ 'picking' for antique and collectible items. What you will need to begin bargain hunting is an antiques & collectibles book to refer to. This item is pretty much essential, it will be extremely helpful in developing your knowledge of antique & collectible items.

Second hand stores generally rotate stock quickly, so you need to visit them regularly to keep up with what's available. If you visit second hand stores, scanning them for valuable goods a couple of times a week, sooner rather than later you will find what your looking for. The following content will give you a general idea of what to look out for.

Valuable, Collectible & Antique items to look out for

Vintage Childrens Books

Most of the second hand stores that i reguarly visit have childrens books in abundant supplies. You can usually tell if a book is vintage or not just by looking at the cover illustration as there is generally quite a difference in style between old fashioned and modern illustrations. When you pick up a book you think might be vintage, then take a look inside the cover for a publication date.

The most valuable of children's book are first editions, they are almost always worth something. Old books that are in good condition, and any books that are about popular or retro cartoon characters such as Disney characters, peter rabbit, Garfield, Charlie Brown etc.

Dvd's & Video Games

Every so often you might be lucky enough to find video games for Xbox, PlayStation or PC at second hand stores. Providing that the discs are in good condition, you will always make a nice profit on these. You can usually pick them up at yard sales & second hand stores for couple of dollars, and easily resell them on ebay for $10-30. Depending on the popularity of the game.

Designer or Vintage clothing

Vintage clothing is highly sought after and sometimes people are willing to pay hundreds of dollars for genuine vintage clothing pieces. There's a big market for designer & vintage clothing which you can pick up for a few dollars at second hand stores and sometimes at yard sales.

Vintage & Collectible Toys

Almost any Disney toy can be collectible, a lot of people collect Disney memorabilia, among the most popular Disney characters are Winnie the pooh, mickey mouse & friends. Like most collectible's, there's a wide range of collectible toys, you will need to do some research to learn what they are.

Dinnerware/ China

Amongst the chipped, worn, and mass produced dinnerware/ china you see in second hand stores & at yard sales, occasionally there is a vintage piece of Carlton ware or the like hiding away. Valuable pieces are always stamped with the makers name, You will need to acquire a basic knowledge of popular makers to understand what is valuable and what is not. Any good antique & collectibles reference book will provide you with a list of them.

There are plenty of people who are making a passive or even a full time income reselling antique and collectible items on eBay. There are so many categories in antique and collectible items, that there is room for everyone. Anyone can make a passive income relatively easily by selling the types of items discussed here. Making a full time income is a bit more difficult, to do so you will need to build up a sizable collection of goods and open an eBay store.

Buying Wholesale

There are several online market places where you can buy almost any product in bulk, wholesale. This approach is quite a gamble to take as what to sell? Becomes a more serious question.

If you are looking to make a full time income selling on eBay, and considering this method, the first thing you should do is check out the competition upon deciding on or considering an item to sell. Then the next step is to find a wholesaler for your stock, and do the approximate math on how much you can make to determine whether it's worth it or not.

Depending on what you decide to sell and what scale your'e doing it on, you may need to register a business number. If you are to consider selling big or expensive items such as Tv's, phones, ipad's, gym equipment, you will need to register a business number.

Where to buy wholesale (Multi category, wide range) (Multi category, wide range) (clothing & accessories) (jewelry)


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    • Hawaiian Scribe profile image

      Stephanie Launiu 

      5 years ago from Hawai'i

      Voted up, useful, interesting and shared on Pinterest. Thanks for this hub. It came at just the right time. I'm considering selling some items on eBay and came across your very helpful hub. Aloha, Stephanie


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