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What Will Keep a BUM... BUSY!

Updated on November 14, 2011
A very wonderful image that is relaxing and profound to look at.
A very wonderful image that is relaxing and profound to look at. | Source

You pretty much have all the time in the world. Now what?

Alright, so I have already mentioned in one of my Hubs that I recently graduated from college - and that right now, I'm taking my sweet time before I finally start working. Now, most people would find themselves saying after a few days or weeks of having no responsibility whatsoever that THEY ARE SOOOO BORED. Yes, I bet you catch a lot of people saying that. And probably you do for yourself, too. :) Anyway, I am the type of person who really makes a conscious effort in not allowing myself to fall into boredom. Mainly because time is very valuable; and come on, there is just so much you can do if you take the time to think about it. So here's some of the things on my list that keep me busy:

1) Playing the piano - Yes, I really am a fan of the instrument. I will probably get in to piano playing in another Hub, which hopefully will interest some Hub readers out there. I wish I could be one of those professional pianists who really spend hours and hours a day just playing the piano. But then, for me, my hands easily get cramped so I have to take frequent breaks. Maybe after some practice, I will be get used to it more. I have been playing for about 6 years already. Right now, the piece I am working on is Turkish March, which is a very beautiful piece by Mozart. So tip #1, venture on playing an instrument - your voice counts.

2) Solving that dang 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle - This one is a very daunting task! But when you find yourself being able to form substantial parts of the whole picture, it begins to feel more rewarding, exciting, and addictive. It kind of triggers different parts of the brain, so doing something like this can also be good for you. The design of my puzzle right now, or the title rather, is "Bavarian Castle in Winter". I have pretty much gotten the castle part done, however, what's left with me are the sky, and the snow covered mountains, and trees, which I tell you are not easy! So try giving this recreational activity a try. Whether you do it with others, or by yourself, it can be really fun.

3) Cooking some yummy dishes - Due to the many television series right now that really dig cooking, I became quite inspired to venture in to cooking food. However, my ingredients here in the house are quite limited. So I usually just make do with what is available. Regardless, cooking can be a very rewarding hobby. Nothing compares to fresh cooking, and being able to eat something you have worked for. I think any type of dish you plan to work on would be a worthwhile venture. Be it vegetarian dishes, desert, meat, and what have you, it will all sound so good!

4) Rest and Meditate. Having the time of not having any responsibilities is a perfect opportunity to get that unending rest you have always longed for. It is very important to care for your body, and getting this opportunity to rest will allow your body to repair whatever damage that has been done to it through the times you have been so tired. Aside from resting, you could also take the time to reflect on the things that you have accomplished and other things you have done. Take the time also to think of what is ahead of you, and what you really want to pursue.

Alright, well I guess those are a few tips worth trying. I hope you found this article helpful. And oh, even though you are no bum right now, you can still certainly make time to be able to do some of these things. If you want to add other things which could be done, feel free to pitch in below at the comments section. Thanks for reading!


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