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What Works: A College Diploma

Updated on August 1, 2011

Like it or not a College Diploma is a really big deal in this land of ours. All those stories of farming families selling their cattle or land just to send their eldest to school seems to have left a real and lasting impression on all Filipino families who can envision a better future. My parents never even had a chance to go to college but all seven of us siblings were given the chance to earn our diplomas.

Even with the advent of careers in call centers that do not require applicants to have a college diploma, those who do have stand a better chance at getting hired. There is no logical explanation linking livelihood with a college degree but I think the college degree becomes less and less important as a person’s wealth grows. Yet a lot of undergraduates, however successful or wealthy or intelligent they are still get defensive when the subject of their education background comes up. As if all the money and wisdom in the world could not make up for the lack of a college degree.

mine was like this one but it got eaten by mice and i had to throw it away...
mine was like this one but it got eaten by mice and i had to throw it away...

When it comes down to it, a college degree is just as good as the person possessing it. These days it is not enough that you look good on paper you have to be able to exhibit the ability to deliver results. Today the battle is between those who can think big and those who can actually do big. One may have the most brilliant ideas stored up in their heads but if it stays there then it’s worth absolutely nothing.

Diploma or not a person desires to make a dent in this world. A college degree may give one the illusion of being better than others. It is dangerous though if one gets sucked into the illusion and expect something to come out of their college degree with only a minimum effort on their part. They will be jolted by the reality that the world owes them no favors. They might be surprised that only hard work and equanimity will get them from point A to point B the fastest. But still it cannot hurt to have a college diploma. It is after all an investment that will never depreciate and can never be taken away from you, except perhaps if you got a lobotomy.


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    • buddygallagher profile imageAUTHOR

      Monie Maunay 

      7 years ago from manila, philippines

      amen to that, thanks for dropping by smile51everyday!

    • smile51everyday profile image


      7 years ago from dream land-mamamiya

      i guess the college diploma is an necessary entrance to the Society. But as you say, we still need to prove our abilities. If it is allowed, higher education shall be taken.

    • buddygallagher profile imageAUTHOR

      Monie Maunay 

      7 years ago from manila, philippines

      thanks Jessica741! Really glad you found them interesting...

    • Jessica741 profile image


      7 years ago from Huntington Beach

      Interesting hub. Keep it up!


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