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What Would Make an Employer Reject an Application?

Updated on February 8, 2013

We've asked a few employers how do they rate job seekers and what would made them reject some. While most of us expect some obvious answers such as zero qualifications and no related job experience in the industry, but you might the surprised of the mistakes committed while submitting job applications. Three points are enumerated here that will make an employer reject an application.

Not following instructions in the job post.

Sometimes employers would provide detailed requirements, some work samples, or portfolio, and you provide none. Don’t expect your application would be shortlisted as it would surely be rejected. If you are not sure that you could provide what an employer is asking, better not apply and send your applications instead to the one that best suited to your experience and skills. Pay close attention to what the employer requires for the job.

Not showing how your qualifications match their needs.

If your application does not show how your experience and skills meet the requirements of the job post, better not expect that you’re application will move up to the interview phase. It is crucial that you understand how would you stand and be the best job seeker that could do the job. How do you think would you fair given the job requirements? If there’s only 20%-30% chance that you think you could not qualify for the job and address what they need, better not waste your time and your potential employer’s time, too, by applying. It is most likely that your application will be rejected.

Not showing a sense of professionalism.

Your English may not be 100% perfect, but employers, at the very least, expect that you show professionalism in your cover letter of resume. Do not beg for the job, and don’t be impolite or arrogant, either. Keep your letter concise, but don’t also let your letter reach great lengths that seemed to drag on forever.

Aside from points above, what would you like to know about what makes an employer rejects an application? We might give other insights and give suggestions so you would win the job the next time you apply.


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