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What You Need Before Looking for a Job

Updated on April 22, 2017

Am I really qualified for the position?

There are times a company says no to an applicant. Qualifications are not met . A fine line exists in some circumstances.
There are times a company says no to an applicant. Qualifications are not met . A fine line exists in some circumstances. | Source

What Color is Your Parachute has been around for a while. The latest edition is an update to addressing practical matters in job hunting

The right place in the workforce varies from person to person.

It is never easy searching for work. This is a task where personal perseverance, determination and patience are vital to a good payoff in the end. The strength needed to guarantee a positive outcome is in the form of physical and mental toughness. Creating this form of atmosphere is possible by following a certain plan of action.

Optimism is a necessity. For the future it is a great help when things turn out to be not as bright as originally imagined. There is a change in gaining favorable odds in everything coming out wonderful when a person has a certain approach to the problem.

Be prepared before taking the first step to look for a job. Prior to looking for one, take the time to discover what is actually necessary and what is not. Classifying these things is simple by examining things from a certain point of view.

Take control of the future before stepping out the door

Instead of blindly jumping into the fray of folks also searching for work, take a breath. Think before acting. The right state of mind to go hunting makes for an easier journey.

Surprisingly a large part of getting to this mentality is asking and answering a number of questions. Every one of these pertain to an individual's personal circumstances. Like every job differs so does everyone searching for it.

Countless cases reveal situations where failure resulted as a consequence of not evaluating certain matters connected to the process. In other words, creating a good sound strategy and following it pays off. Ignoring it points takes a different path.

There is an assumption if a person is qualified on paper, i.e. a resume, everything is under control. Just sit back and relax and the going is easy. Keep in mind a resume is only part of the process of getting prepared. Not scrutinizing the future beyond it is costly in a number of ways.

There exists a form of psychological evaluation and preparedness needed by any worker. Take heart in understanding how to advance from the start eliminates someone else from getting the prize. Next to feelings of optimism these are items to be considered to make certain a great fit for any job takes place.

First think about why and how these actions are a benefit for a job seeker. Answer personal questions pertaining to a individuals situation and act accordingly. Having these in hand manages success for anyone seeking out a great place to work.

Increased mental awareness leads to better physical condition

An improved state of mind is wonderful on a number of levels. Things are certainly less stressful and tense for those with a much better developed consciousness. The combination of a strong body and mind is the best conditions when looking for a job.

It is not possible to eliminate all anxiety. Some stress is a good thing. It has been documented certain forms of psychological pressure in the right place, low key and under control actually makes a person physically stronger. Having a better state of health helps in long tasking days related to finding work. A sound body makes for a sound mind.

Under lying emotion is another hurdle. Removing even some of it in decisions creates an atmosphere where folks appear to come to more balanced decisions. Additionally, there is a psychological weight lifted from every face to face meeting when reducing it whenever possible.

The more an individual knows the better

Knowledge is power when it comes to countless things. These circumstances are not an exception to the rule. The more info accumulated the better. This is not always how much school or how many diplomas are collected. Other forms of understanding and perception matter as well.

One of the biggest things a number of people fail to see is grasping additional know how is not simply discovered in getting a position. Job rejections are extremely useful for learning purposes. These are a great tool disregarded in the course of job seeking. Addressing issues or questions like why or how a person ends in this particular position is a good thing. Use this as a vehicle to make things better.

Ask the hard questions like why an offer was not made. Make the inquiry as unbiased as possible. Always attempt to a get a reply from the interviewer to the question. The response is often ignored or emotion comes into play. Hurt feelings or hatred are immediate reactions. This skews the response and what is done with the answers gained.

The right road to take is heeding the advice or response as a learning tool. Make the necessary adjustments for the next interaction with a different employer.

Being more prepared

This certainly is a must for an excellent outcome. Even an Olympic athlete practices before and a number even continue after winning the Gold, Silver or Bronze. Readiness is grueling for countless situations, but it has its positive qualities which everyone is familiar with. Be prepared for more and when less takes place it is an easier task all around.

Planning also has a way of making rejections easier to take. When these do come along, recognizing the best was presented at the onset makes it less painful. It also has a way of putting things into a perspective. Getting up and the next morning to pound the pavement to go after another job is child's play.

Answering some questions helps individuals take an assessment of an individual's expertise, skills, education and other resources close at hand. All of these are ingredients impacting an increase or decrease chance of getting a desired job.

Waiting for the right one to come along

There is something else which aids in looking for the ideal job. Even if the ideal place of employment is not hiring for a piece of remarkable talent in an ideal position just yet, there is hope. These are implements to get a person something in the meantime. When the right one does come along, be ready.

Roughly three out of every five people in the workforce are actually employed in something other than the college major on hand. Additionally, when asked 65% of workers admit to wanting a different place to make a paycheck.

What is the purpose of searching for work?

Every person in the race needs to start with this particular question. There is no one right response. It looks like an easy answer with a single solution. In reality it is a variety of reasons depending on the person and individual situations.

It is quite possibly the most significant piece of plan or strategy. The response is a great aid in building an approach to the best employment match for anyone. Not only does it personalize the goal, it gives the greatest amount of opportunities to reach the right goal.

The obvious remedy is to get money. An easy answer for most folks. There are additional quantifiers to go along with the basic monetary needs. Having more than a single response is not a bad thing. In fact, it helps narrow down options and gain a more focused design of where to go from here.

Those extra responses are important and benefit in final preparations for landing the correct job. This give a tremendous assistance when organizing a course for success.

Is it for more than money

Getting the all mighty paycheck is not the end all or be all. In fact, being part of the group of recently graduated or unemployed are very worthy motives. Other objectives are typically present as well to mull over. It is not always all about the money.

Unemployed and exploring places to work tends to elicit a number of different intentions to this query. There are those people simply not satisfied with current working circumstance and wish to make a change. Maybe existing duties are becoming too boring or the future holds added unwanted responsibilities. A select few see the future as unreliable or uncertain with the current company.

Confirm why the hunt for work is necessary before starting to look for a job. Avoid giving a canned answer and really evaluate the response. This helps with others on this list and lets an individual identify items where work is needed to make the journey to search easier.

Is there something unique to offer the next employer?

Always have a come back or go to for this one. Attempt to reach beyond the basics outlined in the job description. Remember, the competition is tough. Any sort of advantage gives an applicant a one up. If there is nothing outside of the box on deck, create something. Everyone is diverse in some form or another.

One avenue is growing what is already on hand. A great example is increasing a remarkable form of expertise, skill, knowledge or distinctiveness. This is something which is appreciated and rewarded by nearly all companies.

Only having the basics to offer means there is nothing special to see and nothing to distinguish one applicant from the other resumes being reviewed. Extraordinary deserves a second look and characteristically gets to the next step in the process. Moving forward to the open position, an interview. This is the path to follow.

Hiring managers have only a couple of minutes to make a crucial decision concerning future employment of any applicant. If a resume is the same as all the rest, why rule in favor of it over others? Why not pass it by and use the next one? Outline why an individual one is exceptional, remarkable or one of a kind compared to all others submitted for review.

Avoid going into this with any form of a gimmick. Resist the urge to dress like a clown or be a professional comedian. When discussing putting something rare out there, it is in the form of added benefit to a business.

Are some items more flexible than others?

This is another item rarely evaluated before seeking out employment. The question is not unheard of at an interview. It is of great significance if a compromise is needed to get a position filled, but circumstances have changed for the employer.

Having a response on hand is wonderful when a position with appeal becomes an option. Precious time is not wasted. Make a list of needs versus wants. Things needed are generally not flexible where wants are more so. What things as an applicant become capable of doing without?

It is nearly impossible for everyone to get every desire as well as required for complete and utter contentment. This is the dream job minus any disadvantages. This is why a list of needs and wants in hand is at times fundamental in which job applications are actually submitted. It is seen as a time saving measure when viewed in this manner.

It is also beneficial when deciding which offers are acceptable and which are not. Resources are valuable and squandering them is how people wind up with the wrong career or unhappy in one. Personal objectives or goals are also taken into consideration for the long term. Are these part of the strategy in place when looking at the list? These are certainly a must have.

Think about hours, location, responsibilities, advancement opportunities or health care benefits. Consider where to find a middle ground. Is there room to negotiate around hours, but not benefits on a personal needs list? For every person there is a variation.

Even two members of the same household have targets which have a degree of special intent no a personal level. For example, a mother and a father in the job market are able to coordinate to some degree to possibly apply for the same jobs with different lists within this category. It makes it a possibility to get all of the needs and wants between the two employment opportunities if done correctly. If not all, then at least most.

What is the final career goal?

The ultimate career objective is the icing on the cake or the finish line to be crossed. Folks out there looking need to imagine further into the future than ever before. Do more than the usual. Where will a career conclude? Assure any steps taken are towards the prize of this result. Although this is not always guaranteed with the next job, try to see it take place. It makes a person strive harder to find one where time is an investment.

This means at the end of the day the next commitment to a company is a step on the road to the finale and not a detour away from it or a pit stop. Taking a year or two off on a side turn job easily turns into a decade without even realizing it. Then is the final goal achievable? Why waste precious time and resources?

The next place of employment is typically not the "dream" job. Ask if it is advantageous to take this particular position in the long run for the culmination of a professional career. If the answer is no, stay away from applications or offers to the contrary. Invest the energy into something more closely related to the route planned out for success and happiness.

Prepare to have the road to the ending to possess some zigzag with a few employment prospects, but continue moving forward. The crooks work out eventually if done correctly. Let them be fleeting and few for the most part.

There are those which are unavoidable when they occur. In deciding what these are worth consider if the work is beneficial in any way to getting a foothold into the desired industry. Is this another required building block for a dream career? Although these are a few extra questions, they are still within the realm of this one. The race to a final goal is typically not a short sprint, but a long run. Seeing as far ahead as possible towards the finish line is favorable when making a choice in this category.

Most people happy with a current profession did not start at this original position. Even changing employers and positions typically occurs in countless cases to getting a great job.

Manage time wisely. Big Brother is always watching.
Manage time wisely. Big Brother is always watching.

Slightly over 35 million people in the capitalist world were unemployed in 1931. This puts the current unemployment situation into perspective.

The 1931 workforce looked very different. Prospective work and finding it for minorities, including women, were not as fruitful. The number presented is possibly not a true representation of who was or was not earning wages.

Certain companies even went out of the way to exclude certain peoples. The law afforded them option and was on the side of business to permit the practice.

Lots of job seekers consider the company or business itself when deciding to accept or decline an offer. declining it.

What corporate culture works on a personal level?

Think of this one with applications as well as with any offers. This incorporates a multitude of things. Consider not only the place where someone works along with the duties assigned, but also everyday surroundings . A cubicle or dump truck? How about working and sleeping under the same roof?

Chew over what type of coworker interactive experiences take place during the workday or what the benefits of overtime pay. Salary versus hourly wages or frequency of pay periods are factors to ponder for some folks. Others put an important emphasis on the number of vacation days or how often a raise is handed out. There are unique attributes to family status, transportation, health and even educational opportunities.

Think of things as simple as whether the company is large or small. Being one piece of a pie divided into 12 pieces is a big change from the same pie in 1200 slices. What defines large? Is this over 200 employees? Does it matter if you are a small fish in a big pond? Other considerations weighed are whether or not a desk job works as an everyday juncture compared with being outdoors. For some individuals even transportation to and from the work spot is part of the culture concerns.

Corporate culture is very weighty for countless people. This is even on the need list versus the want list for some.

In conclusion

These questions are deliberate with focus and intent for serious career choices. Knowing the solutions or remedies work to aid in a terrific sense of direction for job seekers. The output is well worth the investment.

Ask and answer these with the knowledge of increasing the chance of a wonderful job on the horizon. More importantly these are put forth to form the right choices and decisions to make a worthwhile livelihood.

There is something to consider before filling out the application or sending the resume.

Not taking an offer is not always a bad thing. Before getting that far, think long and hard about a couple of things.
Not taking an offer is not always a bad thing. Before getting that far, think long and hard about a couple of things. | Source

Is work all play and no fun? Certainly not, but be careful of becoming too friendly with coworkers.

Lots of folks are unsure of how much personal information is okay to share in the workplace. Making friends is nice, but there is a line not to be crossed. How close is this friendship and how much is someone able to trust everything is kept secret and not showed to the detriment of being fired or demoted.

This is a crucial question for a number of reasons. It is a good to hold on to personal thoughts, feelings and encounters. A good thing to remember is these particular surroundings are for working and not socializing. Never cross the very fine line attempting to gain a friend and in the process lose a job.

This is what takes place when becoming too personal goes bad-these are all categorized under grounds for termination or lawsuit status.

  • Be extremely conscious of what is shared with who. A funny story to one is offensive to another.
  • Something better left private is accidentally revealed. For instance, sexual harassment comes in many forms. An innocent statement is unknowingly unintentionally infected with it. HIPPA is a federal law which makes it illegal to discuss a person's health status. Letting everyone know about Barry's hospital stay is not okay
  • Gossip is never a good thing. Stories become misconstrued and told incorrectly to others unfairly putting an individual in a very bad light. Avoid repeating private state of affairs to anyone. By chance it is repeated and reported to HR and misconstrued as something more than simple gossip
  • A subjective recount of events has the potential to cost an individual a promotion or new position. This is unfair, but it does happen. Regardless of an individual's professional qualifications info taken out of context is dangerous.
  • Becoming too friendly or personal is viewed as unprofessional by certain leaders or supervisors in countless companies. This includes sharing birthday invites, after work parties or even a get together for a coworker's new job takes away from production or getting the job done. Bringing in cake and cookies for every festivity is also a distraction
  • Being the busy body in the group is something which has the potential to be a negative point on a review from the boss. Even while other attributes are scored high, this is compiled with everything else. Although it is unfairly taken into consideration and not pertinent, countless companies rate it under a variety of names and contexts and use it in assessing employees as to how well interaction takes place as a group versus individually
  • Lots of what people tell others in the form of gossip is dangerous. Filled with context which are grounds for termination if overheard or shared with management. A track record of "keeping things stirred up" is not a goal

The list goes on and on. It is nice to become friendly with those people working with us at a job to some extent, but never overdo it. Asking how enjoyable the weekend was or saying good morning is terrific. Though, anything compromising a job or professional career or status is always to be avoided.

A great video on the negative effects of a work environment with the bad influence of gossip

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