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What You Should Know About Rich Media Ads

Updated on October 3, 2014

There exists a rich abundance of options that Internet marketers can choose from to get their information out to online consumers. Technology is becoming more integrated with real life and because of that, marketers--if they are insightful and even minimally visionary--realize they must, simultaneously, adjust their ad strategy; and they must take that adjustment very seriously. It’s all about creating a positive user-experience intended to grab a consumer’s attention to the point where he or she will give an ad some serious consider and choose not to move on to the countless other ads that vie for that consumers’ attention.

You might say, “Sure, that all sounds hunky dory but what do you recommend?” To begin with, the type of prominent (i.e. intrusive) ads that interrupt the user’s web experience have saturated our brains for a long time to the point where the average Internet user will be subjected to 1700 banner ads each month! Saturation, permeation, overload, inundation and infiltration all mean one thing – it’s too much; so stop the madness!

The Landscape Is Rapidly Changing:

The digital marketing landscape is changing very quickly; and online marketers absolutely must stay abreast of any current digital marketing trends that are proving themselves as Internet frontrunners. If the technological changes that are occurring within digital marketing remain ignored, money will be wasted and someone’s ROI (possibly yours) will greatly suffer. This leads us to the original question, above of …”what do you recommend?” and the answer lies with rich media ads. Rich media ads are technically-advanced and engaging display ads that are, more often than not, designed by innovative and imaginative agencies for their brand-focused clients.

What Rich Media Ads Do:

Rich media ads are somewhat of a new kid on the Internet block when compared to the life-history of text ads or standard display ads, for example. Rich media ads garner attention because they are very progressive and imaginative and can be served on all platforms. They incorporate various degrees of animated content including videos, games, sound effects and/or puzzles where the initial goal is to invite or entice the consumer—to whet his curiosity by allowing him to become a more interactive and more engaged participant as part of the ad experience. Advanced technology is utilized with the likes of streaming video or downloaded applet programs that immediately interact with the user, as well as ads that change when one’s moue passes over them.

Aside from holding consumers’ attention far more than other types of ads, rich media ads are demonstrating that they, statistically, lead to higher CTR. Because of their impressive attention-seeking attributes, rich media ads demonstrate that viewers are three times more likely to browse a site after viewing a rich media banner vs a standard ad. This end-results are enhanced view-through rates and conversion rates.

Rich media and video formats are gaining marketer’s attention and pulling dollars away from older formats, both on and offline. There are extensive possibilities with novel, rich media ads in terms of interactive content including HD video or the ability to click to make a phone call. Rich media capabilities allow for advertising to become increasingly useful by allowing a viewer to interact with an ad and learn more about a brand without having to leave the current page.

If you roll it up into a nutshell, marketers will find that rich media ads can serve as a very powerful online advertising medium and branding tool for their businesses. And because they outperform standard and animated display ads with boosted conversions, click-through and view-through rates, investing in rich media ads can prove to be a very wise and profitable decision!


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