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What and Who Defines a Good Article Writer

Updated on January 11, 2016

What and Who Defines a Good Article Writer

What and Who Defines a Good Article Writer
What and Who Defines a Good Article Writer | Source

What and Who Defines a Good Article Writer

I was pondering the question while staring at a blank screen, what and who defines an article writer. Who has that power of any of us? An article writer can write about many subjects, and diverse as he or she is can constitute good writing by the written word or is it the style in that the word is written.

I have not taken any formal training in writing yet I receive jobs on occasion to write articles for content, or just anything that comes to my mind like I am doing now. I like to have the freedom to communicate what is in my head onto paper, though never really loving to write, because I could not read my own handwriting. The typewriter or data entry board I use, make my writing compatible for your eyes to see. I have to ask is that good or bad for you, I laugh at this because I am a writer on Hub pages and therefore I can be a cruddy writer I suppose, though I try to write what seems interesting to me not you. That would make me selfish, right.

I searched on the Internet for examples of bad writing and none of my articles came up so I will assume, I am not on the first page or organic results.WHat and whom decides if you have a good article is still mind boggling. I learned the organic word the other day, and is this not part of writing, learning new words to express ourselves. I write on for cash at times, its ok spending money, and I have not been turned down yet, does that mean I’m a good writer, I care, yet I may care as to not write anymore because I don’t really know in my heart if I have material worth writing at times, and just mutter my words into phrases that make a bit of sense. Do you think about how good you write?

I was told really nothing about my style or context from anybody since I have been writing lately and with that said, I have read some articles that I can’t make heads or tails what the guy or girl is saying to me. I write as if I am talking to you, is my style. The punctuation and word structure are all foreign to me, I write as I hear it in my inner self, thus becomes my blog or this. I may be rambling because it is late though I have been really wanting to succeed in writing and when I get a return from someone saying I was not clear on the three hundred word SEO content for, I take it personally, and I refuse to write anymore, like a stuck up little kid that had his hands slapped.

I try hard at doing the best that I can with the knowledge of my own wisdom when it comes right down to can I write. I put words into my breath and I punch the keys and have to look at the keyboard to make sure I get the words correctly spelled right, and I do this quite fast. I saw a Mrs. Beacon typewriting course and I almost bought the software , yet I didn’t have time for it ,I told myself , why mess what I have going on with my typing. I guess time will tell, my numbers on here prove to me that there are people that land on my pages and possibly read some of them, granted there are some really bad articles I have written, and this may be one.

I question quite a bit in my life and therefore I write about it, what I question is am I good enough for excelling into other areas of writing and how do I know? There are so many opinions on the internet, who’s do I take, the majority that I see with the numbers by my articles, and just imagine I am writing ok, or do I stop and freeze up and stop this all together. I tried for a few days and found myself right back here writing about something of interest to me, and I think of you the reader ,most of the time. I feel like an Andy Rooney off the sixty minutes program that use to be on Television, he always questioned things, Government, his usage of words, the whole bit. I will assume that I am ok with the numbers growing and the readers responding, I can’t seem to stop now at that, therefore I might as well keep on writing. Just do it, I read and keep writing and you will get better I read on here. I am doing just that, and I hope you enjoyed my dilemma for a few minutes.So what and who defines a good article, you be the judge , and write what you feel.


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