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What are Different Types of Government Grants for Businesses?

Updated on March 20, 2013

Uncle Sam Is Shaking His Piggy Bank. Isn't It About Time Your Business Got It's Share?


Your Piece of The Government Pie

Every year governmental agencies give grants to businesses. These opportunities are often listed to the public in both print and online however if you don't know where to look you won't find the treasure. The government from the federal all the way down to the local level is riddled in red tape and policy. It can be down right confusing however you can still get your piece of the pie. All you need is the right road map and when you have it you can find your sweet spot.

Whet the appetite of your curiosity and learn about the different type of government grants to businesses. You'll just might be amazed when you learn how much cash and opportunity really sits at the table each year. Come on and dig in.

Federal Grants

The Federal government has the lions share of grants compared to state and local agencies. Every year they publish a 3000 plus page catalog, The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance. It lists most of their grants. Links are provided below if you would like to sneak a peak but don't wander off too soon when there is still more cash to gain access to.

Another Federal agency, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting lists opportunities on their own website. These grants are primarily awarded media stations and independent producer. Innovative business owners that know how to form profitable partnerships can potentially benefit from the grants available at the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Likewise most independent producers are business owners as well.

The National Institutes of Health is another agency that gives away millions of dollars in grant money each year. The link to more information about their opportunities is also provided below. They even have a special section for small businesses, but other opportunities are available as well.

If you are looking for funds in the form of grants from the Federal government then look no further than the next paragraph. You've landing on a treasure map that is sure to lead you to your treasure of federal funding opportunities. Businesses can definitely benefit from federal grants. After all it's only your tax money that they are giving back. Keep reading to learn more about state and local grants.

Money From The Feds and No, It's Not a Hat Trick


State & Local (Regional, County & City) Grants for Businesses

Yes, there is grant money in your state. You'll have to scour the internet, network, contact your congressman or go to your local library. The best way to access grant money in your state is to use a search engine and type "government grants in (your town or state)." Once you've done that try to narrow your search by honing in on your area of expertise. For example you can type "government grants bricklaying in (your town or state)" and discover what you come up with. You'll be surprised at all the treasure you'll find. Oh yes, there is gold in those search engines.

After you exhausted that effort join a few networking groups and try to connect with firms that already have state and local contracts. State and local funding is public information you can find out what company got what contract by accessing your state's website or visiting your local librarian. Yes, there are still many reasons to go to the library. Most libraries even have publications and booklets that describe grant opportunities. Just ask your local librarian for help.

Your congressman or woman is also a good resource to rub shoulders with. After all they approve or disapprove funding. Call their offices and see where your industry or business might fit in. Some congresspeople even have email lists that they send out to their constituents that list opportunities. In Chicago, our Senator Bobby Rush is a good one to turn to for information. I've shadowed his door a few times and have never left without information to help me or my clients.

The rest, dear reader is up to you. The treasure map is all yours. Now go get your piece of the pie.

Give Your Team Another Reason To Celebrate



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    • btrbell profile image

      Randi Benlulu 

      6 years ago from Mesa, AZ

      Thank you for all this great info., Princess! It is obvious that you have done a lot of research! Up+


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