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What are Leadership and Management Skill?

Updated on May 15, 2013
Avoid Leadership Pitfalls to Maintain  Cordial relationships with your subordinates
Avoid Leadership Pitfalls to Maintain Cordial relationships with your subordinates | Source

Qualities of an effective Leader

A job posting has just come up in your local daily for a new position that requires a person with good or effective leadership skills. You meet all the other qualifications but you are not sure whether you have the requisite leadership skills.

What exactly do employers want when they say they are looking for a person with effective leadership skills? Here are a few personalities that should help you evaluate whether you are a leader:

  • Leaders are visionary

Leaders conceive well-formed, vivid and achievable goals in their mind and put them into action. The visions are not fantasies but rather blueprints on which they operetta. They leave no doubts in their mind as to the applicability of their visions. They believe in the power of their dreams, and are passionate and emotional about them. When they speak them out, there is no doubt regarding their possible achievement.

  • Be Yourself

One word describes ‘being yourself’, Integrity. Simply defined integrity is the state of being the same inside as you are outside. Is what I am seeing what I will get? To borrow another old phrase, you should be able to preach and drink water.

  • Leaders are Courageous

Effective leaders are not easily cowered. They are able to stand strong against the storms that may billow. They face their fears, rather than hide from them. They admit their blunders and mistakes rather than blame others for them. They are ready to be martyrs for what they believe in.

  • Be a Role Model

Can people look up to you to inspire them? Leaders are in effectual role models; the subordinate employees look up to them for inspiration and guidance on how to act. If in essence, you moral, and ethical fabric is shredded, your chances of being an effective leader are in essence diminished.

  • Be Compassionate

Good leaders are not arrogant, unfeeling warlords that feel the need to trample on everything and everyone on their path. Instead, effective leaders put themselves on the shoes of their team members, they listen and offer solutions to their problems.

Interrelationship between leadership skills
Interrelationship between leadership skills | Source

How to improve your leadership skills

A leader is someone who is followed by people? Do people tend to imitate you; are you the first one to come up with ideas of where you will be holding the Friday party? If this is the scenario, then you are a leader who is only waiting for time and the right platform to rise to the top of their game. If you are not, you need not to worry, here are a few tips that might help you improve your leadership skills.

  • Understand your strengths and weaknesses

Understand what your abilities are. This will help you mark out a field for yourself and point you out to where you are going, and why you are going there. You will also be in a better position to optimally utilize your talents and abilities.

  • Live in accordance with your principals and morals

Making choices and decisions that contradict with your values, principals and morals leaves you feeling empty, and cheated. These feelings hinder your progress and hold you down on your path to development. On the other hand, making decisions based on your values and morals improves your sense of well-being and esteem and gives you the vigor to press on.

  • Improve Communication Skills

Being a leader involves communicating your visions, goals and aspirations. It also involves listening to what other people are actively and passively saying. Start cultivating good communication skills today if you want to ascend on the sloppy ladder of effective leadership.

  • Motivate Others

People who rise to great leadership levels are not self-centered. They see the ability in other people and motivate them to make the best out of their abilities.

  • Continually Improve and educate yourself

Great leaders do not simply stop their leadership quest once they get to the top echelons of power. Be open to suggestions from others on possible ways of improving yourself.

By cultivating these few leadership qualities, you can bring out the best in yourself and start leading the pack rather than being a passive follower.

5 ways of becoming a more influential leader

Your chances of excelling as a leader depend so much on how much influence you exert from your followers. If you are a dreamer, if you believe in the power of information, then this article is all you need to improve the level of influence you exact on your followers.

  • Good leaders cultivate solid reputations

Your followers need to know that you have a solid reputation; they need to know that they can count on you to get things done. Unfortunately, if your past is cluttered with skeletons, you will have to work the long way to rebuild this reputation. Once you have a solid reputation, people will be more than willing to look up to you as a voice of authority

  • Acquire a comprehensive set of skills

Even as write this, I trust that you already have shining curriculum vitae that reflects your skills and proficiencies. However, you should not stop with having reached your leadership position. Leaders with more skills exert more influence. Increase on your skills by attending leadership training programs.

  • Develop an executive presence

Exude buoyancy and assurance without leaving chance for second-guessing who is the leader. Your poise, manner of dressing, walking and talking should leave no place for doubts as to who is the leader. If you are lacking in self-confidence, then there is a high probability that your followers will not be confident in you either.

  • Develop Likeability

Superior likeability is directly proportional to the level of influence you can exact on you followers. Surround yourself with people who like you and go out of your way to cultivate friendships with your followers. If they see you as both their leader and their friend, your influence on your followers becomes legendary with minimal chances of disloyalties.

  • Have the power to persuade

No. you are not begging. You are using your great oratory skills to bring people around to your point of view. Throughout history, great leaders have used persuasion to exert influence on their followers.

Is there anything we left out?


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