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What are the Basics of Attraction Marketing?

Updated on April 25, 2012

I’m new to network and online marketing, but I’ve been in sales all of my adult life. I’ve just being introduced to the concept of attraction marketing, and I’m fascinated by the whole concept. One could say that I’ve developed a “crush”, or that I’m seriously attracted to, Attraction Marketing!

It is common knowledge that most people love to buy. By the same token, even if a person loves to buy they usually hate to be sold. Attraction marketing is built upon the principle of reverse marketing, or selling. And when you consistent follow some basic rules of attraction marketing, the prospects will freely come to you, instead of you desperately chasing them. You become a human magnet that attracts seriously interested people to your business opportunity or service. It can be a very powerful and satisfying way to build your business.

Marketing tools can be varied and as extensive as you want and your budget will allow such as Hub pages, ezine submissions, professional/personal websites, videos and giveaways. Also, if you’re new to online marketing it might be wise to check out the services of a professional business coach who specializes in these kinds of start-ups.

Even more important than the tools is your attitude towards yourself and your customers. In Attraction Marketing, the product is, in essence, you! You will be successful if you display the confidence that, whatever that customer desires to better their lives, their business or their soul, you’ll be able to help them get it. This personal power is what will make people gravitate to you and not some other guy just selling a product, however fabulous that product is.

By the same token, it’s not all about you. In reality, it’s all about the customer. You must sincerely have the customers wants and needs at the forefront of your mind. That, in conjunction with your positive attitude, is what will separate you from the crowd. If you lose focus and start making this business all about your sales pitches and earnings, you’ll lose big to other internet marketers.

Here is a basic overview of the Attraction Marketing Process:

- You need to stand out from the crowd and offer something of value for free. For example, a free trial membership, free CD, etc. You will then need to get their contact information from them. This is the first step toward building a relationship of trust with your customer.

- You establish credibility with your customer and show him/her you are an expert in your field. Introduce your customer to your blog, articles that you’ve written, and other areas where you are noted as an authority.

- Now, you are firmly established as an authority figure/leader in your industry and your customers (as well as many others) are barraging your emails with requests for more information. They believe you can help them with important things in their life.

Now, and only now, are you ready to introduce them to your business presentation and show them how you can help them grow their own business or help them in other areas of their life. Here is where your business relationship REALLY begins with them, just like in traditional marketing. You will be entering Phase 1 of Relationship Marketing, which is nurturing and keeping your customers.


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